Wellington Scottish Athletics Club

Running and Walking in Wellington, New Zealand

The Agency Group 10000m Festival

NZ’s biggest 10,000m event

13 November, Newtown Park

Walk starts at 2:15pm, Runs start at 4:15pm



The Agency Group 10000m is the most popular set of 10000m races in New Zealand. For the last three years, the Agency Group 10000m has been a night of PBs for athletes of all speeds – 40 percent of athletes finished with a new best time. We even had a world record! This year there will be packs of many different speeds to drag you to your new PB. Races are open to men and women of all age grades.

We’ll be back with race packs to help athletes of all speeds to new personal bests. Join us in the capital.

Get the latest news about who is running at the Festival and what is happening on our Facebook event page.

Race records

  • Senior men, Oli Chignell, 2020, 28:48.03
  • Senior women, Lisa Cross, 2018, 34:23.51
  • Junior men, Will Anthony, 2021, 30:59.07
  • Junior women, Courtney Fitzgibbon, 2021, 40:23.42
  • M35, Nick Horspool, 2018, 29:50.71
  • W35, Lisa Cross, 2018, 34:23.51
  • M50, Grant McLean, 2020, 34:13.90
  • W50, Sally Gibbs, 2019, 36:46.96
  • M60, Todd Krieble, 2019, 39:53.87
  • W60, Michele Allison, 2020, 44:41.87


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2020 results and coverage

2019 results and coverage




2018 results and coverage


Instructions for runners

Thanks everyone for entering the Agency Group 10000m Festival. We have over 140 entrants this year and five races – our biggest field yet! Because of COVID19 and because of the larger number of people entered we have some important information we need to share with you. We hope this email contains everything you need to know.


We have added a fourth running race to accommodate more people. Because of that, we have adjusted our schedule slightly. Please note the earlier start if you are in the newly added C race.

  •  2.15 pm, 10000 metres Track Walk AW Championships
  • 4.00 pm, 800 metres
  • 4.15 pm, 10000 metres ‘C’ race
  • 5.25 pm, 10000 metres ‘B’ race
  • 6.15 pm, 10000 metres ‘A’ race
  • 7.00 pm, 10000 metres The Agency Group Invitational Race

The draft start lists are on our website


All the usual COVID19 safety rules will be in place plus we will be operating several separate bubbles:

  • Bubble 1 – walkers and 800m runners
  • Bubble 2 – throws
  • Bubble 3 – C and B race 10000m runners
  • Bubble 4 – A and Invitational 10000m runners
  • Bubble 5 – Officials, lap counters and workers
  • Bubble 6 – spectators

Please do not wander between bubbles. If you are finished your race or your role and want to move to a different bubble, for instance to spectate or to count laps for a friend, please leave your current bubble and scan into the new bubble.

As well as that, the following standard COVID19 rules apply:

  • Stay home if you are unwell or if you have been asked to isolate.
  • Clean your hands or sanitise.
  • Scan in using the NZ COVID Tracer App.
  • Avoid congregating or gathering at entrances or in small, shared spaces such as the bathroom. 

Athletes do not need to wear a face-covering when competing, but we encourage them to wear one while not competing. 

Spectators will need to:

  • maintain a 1 metre gap from people outside your home bubble.
  • wear a face covering

Athletes or spectators from other regions at Alert Level 2 or Alert Level 1 can attend the event. People from regions in Alert Level 3 or 4 will not be able to attend.

You can enter the spectator bubble through the main gate at the east side of the grandstand. The spectator bubble will be separated off by tape and fence from the other bubbles.

Athletes, officials and lap counters should enter their bubbles through the office at the west end of the grandstand.

Athletics NZ National Challenge

This event serves as the Athletics NZ National Challenge. However, because all the races are mixed gender and age women running in the races will not be eligible for World Athletics points or to go on the Athletics NZ rankings. If any women do not want to forego World Athletics Points or NZ ranking status please contact us to withdraw from the race.  


Please arrive an hour before your race and report to registration to collect your race number. Registration will be in the room you enter at the west end of the stadium under the grandstand. If you are a Wellington local please bring someone with you who can be a lap scorer and get them to register at the same time. (See below for details.)

The meet is by pre-entry only. There will be no entries on the day.

If you belong to an affiliated club you need to compete in your club uniform.

Athletes must wear your allocated race number during the race.


We will have pacers to help runners reach your target times.

  • 60.00 mins – Brett Hawthorne
  • 45.00 mins – Mal Kerr
  • 40.00 mins – Nick Horspool
  • 38.00 mins – Rowan Hooper
  • 36.00 mins – James Richardson
  • 35.00 mins – Stephen Day
  • 33:30 mins – Mark Moore
  • 32.00 mins – Kristian Day and Ben Twyman
  • 30.00 mins – Oli Chignell

If you want to run with a pacer, please introduce yourself to the pacer before you start so you know what they look like and so they know to look out for you. 

Lap counters 

If you are a Wellington local, please bring a friend to help with lap counting and/or count laps for another runner in a different race from your own. It is an easy job – it just involves recording the time at the end of each lap when your runner goes past. Most people are able to count for two or three runners at once. When you arrive at registration, please:

  • register a lap counter for yourself and hopefully other athletes; or
  • register yourself as a lap counter for another race; or
  • request a lap counter for your race

Lap counters should report to the start-finish line 20 mins before the start of the race for a briefing.

Health and Safety

Safety rules and guidelines for Newtown Park, including a Code of Conduct are published here.

All athletes must adhere to safety briefings and follow the instructions of the officials.

Only athletes and officials are permitted in the competition arena. However, lap counters will enter the arena to undertake their task.


For general warm-ups, please use the area outside the stadium or the top field, rather than the competition arena. However, in wet conditions, officials may approve warm-ups on the track.


If you are wearing spikes the maximum spike length allowed is 6mm on the track. Only cone, pyramid or xmas tree spikes are allowed, no needle spikes. You can wear a road shoe on the track but if you are wanting an official World Athletics time it needs to have a sole with a maximum thickness of less than 25mm.

The full World Athletics technical rules for shoes are available here and the World Athletics Shoe Compliance List is here. We will inspect shoes – so if you want an official result please wear an eligible pair.

Starting procedure

The starting rules to be applied will generally be based on the IAAF Competition Rules.

Each race will have a two-group start: two-thirds of starters will start on the normal waterfall start line and run in the inside lanes. The remaining third of runners will start on a separate waterfall line and run in lanes five to eight for the first bend before joining the rest of the runners on the inside lane for the backstretch of the first lap. This bend will be marked with cones for the first lap.

Any matters relating to the start will be at the discretion of the start referee or track referee. It will be their responsibility to ensure all competitors receive a fair start.

Being lapped 

If you are running in the A, B or C race we ask that you stay in lane 1 if you are lapped by a faster runner than yourself.


A 10000m race with a large field presents challenges for photo-finish timing. There can easily be confusion between people who are being lapped, or are laps behind, and a runner who is finishing. Please help our photo-finish team by adhering to the following:

  • Please finish in Lane 3.  Cones will be set out to mark the boundary between lanes 2 and 3
  •  After finishing, please keep well away from the start/finish line and do not gather there.  Please report to the finish line official for place order recording.
  • If you wish to pull out of the race at any stage prior to finishing, please do not pull out right on the start/finish line

If you do withdraw from the race, please notify the finish line recorder (this can be a big help in resolving difficulties in photo-finish analysis)

Hot showers

Hot showers are available in two changing rooms adjacent to the Function Room towards the east end of the grandstand. (Note there are a further two sets of changing rooms in the middle of the grandstand, but when we last checked, there was no hot water in those showers).

Food and drink

Food and drink will be available for spectators from an Indonesian food truck and SUP Breweries Patrons will need to be seated at tables in the lunge to consume food or drink.


Thanks to our name sponsor, The Agency Group, for making this event possible. Thanks also to others who have helped including the Wellington Scottish Athletics Club. Many thanks to the Athletics Wellington race officials and volunteers who have dedicated many hours to helping out on the night.