Wellington Scottish Athletics Club

Running and Walking in Wellington, New Zealand

Galashiels Trophy and Novice Cup

This is a very popular race for Scottish members. This 4.9k race is run over a variety of terrain, including footpaths/roads, and an uphill bush track.
Show up at the Muritai School in Eastbourne before 2pm. It is an open handicap race, where runners are assigned a handicap in advance. The handicapping system allows slower runners to start first and holds the faster runners back for later starts. The race becomes a pursuit, and there is often a large bunch finishing together within only a minute or so.
Anyone can win on the day, if they outperform the handicap that has been assigned.
There are two prizes for this race, one for past winners of club trophies (Galashiels), and the other for those who have yet to win one (Novice).
5k running race records: Men: Dave Hatfield, 15:26 (1981); Women: Melissa Moon, 17:41 (2006); Junior men: Tim Hodge, 15:51 (2006); Junior women: Caroline Mellsop, 19:55 (2010). (The race course now is slightly shorter than 5k.)
A separate event for race walkers (the Cole Land Cup) is held at the same time, along the roads to the south. J-teamers have a 2k handicap/scratch race starting just before the 5k event.

Distance: 4.9k (approx)
Start time: 2.15pm (first runner starts)∙
Handicapped start
Course: Head north from Muritai School along footpath for approximately 1.5k. Leave road at the “big tree”, head up the bush track, exit track at top of Korimako Road. Down the hill to northern end of Days Bay. Return to the school along footpath to finish (do not cross road to run on the beach like the course from a few years ago)

Be careful crossing roads (eg, Rona and Totara St) – give way to motor vehicles. Stay on footpaths where there is one.

Collect a place card at the finish and give it to the recorder.

Afternoon tea / prizegiving: approximately 3pm.

Course records


  • J. Girvan, 16.02, 1986
  • P. Perniskie, 16.48, 1986
  • A. Hodgson, 16.54, 1981


  • D. Hatfield, 15.26, 1981
  • S. Denholm, 15.27, 1982
  • S. Hunt, 15.29, 1982


  • M. Moon, 18.01, 1993
  • J. Stewart, 19.45, 1987
  • K. Howe, 20.24, 1986


  • Melissa Moon, 17:41, 2006
  • M. Moon, 17.59, 1995
  • B. Portenski, 18.56, 1987