Wellington Scottish Athletics Club

Running and Walking in Wellington, New Zealand


Walking at Scottish

Wellington Scottish has a strong walkers section. Our members enjoy competitive walking and we cater for those who like freestyle fast walking as well as race walking. You will see walkers in Scottish uniforms in all major events that cater for walkers.

Our Programme


We have a programme of races throughout the winter that include both races organised by Scottish, both for fun and serious, as well as races organised by other clubs. The winter programme starts in April and continues through to September offering road races, mostly over 5km to 10km distances. We cater for all abilities with our Best All Round Walker Competition which includes handicap, closest to your own time, and serious races; something to suit everyone. 

Walkers also have access to other Scottish Club events, such as the 3 Peaks and the weekly 5km races. These are good vehicles to have fun and improve fitness and are well supported by walkers.


During the summer we make use of the Newtown Park track to compete in 3,000 and 5,000-metre races. We also have a one hour race in which we measure the distance you managed for 60 minutes. Track races are available every weekend during the summer and are well supported by Scottish walkers. Many have improved their performance significantly from the focussed attention possible on the track.

Other Events

Our walkers often enter major high profile events, both in NZ and overseas. These include many half marathons, and marathons including the well known Rotorua Marathon. Overseas we have had members take part in the New York Marathon and also in Masters championship events in Australia and the Pacific Islands. Some years ago we had a team walk the 84km Molesworth relay. The team spirit engendered by relay competition is enjoyed by all members and we compete in several relay events each year.

Training Support

Walkers in Scottish often have similar goals and train together for events. It is common for a number to be training every weekend over a period of months for the Rotorua Marathon. This creates a great team spirit where you train with those that in races you compete vigorously with, and compete alongside in relay and team events.


John Leonard (john.sharyn@leonard.org.nz )
Terri Grimmett (t3rrigrimmett@gmail.com)