Wellington Scottish Athletics Club

Running and Walking in Wellington, New Zealand

Scottish Mountain Running Champs

Sat, 24 April 2021, 2pm

Huntleigh Girl Guiding Centre, 44 Silverstream Road, Crofton Downs

This is a social event put on the calender to celebrate the club’s rich history in Mountain running. Scottish have had several members represent New Zealand, including  2 times World Champion Melissa Moon.

Race HQ is the Huntleigh Park Girl Guides centre, which is down a long driveway between number 48 Silverstream Rd and The Playcentre, There are a few carparks at the bottom. For those wanting to use public transport, this is a short walk from the Crofton Downs Station (see map)  which is the first stop on the Johnsonville line.

The Race will get way shortly after 2pm from the Huntleigh Park , with 3 options you can choose from. Very rough approximate distances are Short (3-4km), Medium (5-6KM), Long 7-8km 

All  3 options head across Huntleigh Park and turn left up a short step road to join the Silversky track. This is a single lane track that you continue running until it meets the Skyline Track. All 3 distances head up the 4WD track.

 The Short Course  turns underneat the first power pylon it will be marked (on the ground ) with a Big S. 

The Medium Course turns at the first gate – you guessed it, marked with a Big M

The Long course proceeds past the gate where you will take a sharp left up another access track which is rough underfoot and steep. About 3/4ers of the way up, you will turn right on to a single lane track which winds down and meets the Skyline track near the summit. At this point you turn left and head down the hill for home.

All three courses head back down the Silversky track to the finish.

There will be ground markings to show you the way.

For the walkers there are lots of options both flat and hilly for a pack walk.

For the J team we can set up a cross country run on the park and some tracks around the Guide Hall

There will be cup of tea and banter back at the hall, and then on to the Trading Post at Khandallah Village for a beverage.