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Running and Walking in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Road Championships

Saturday 20 August2022

The Wellington Road Champs is the last of the four big interclub races for the year. It is an excellent opportunity to run a fast 5km or 10km time with a large pack of runners to pull you along. It is held in the scenic Wainuiomata Recreation Area. The course is an out-and-back road race using a 1.25km stretch of road that is closed to public traffic. The course is largely sheltered from the wind. 


Reservoir Road, Wainuiomata 

The races are held in the Wainuiomata Recreation Area. Enter from Moores Valley Road and turn into Whitcher Grove, which leads to Reservoir Road.

Course description 

An out and back road race using a 1.25km stretch of road that is closed to public traffic. There is a hill on one side and a river on the other side. The course is largely sheltered from the wind. Weather conditions are usually cool at this time of year. Please be advised that emergency vehicles, Wellington Water and the Ranger may need to drive on the course during races. Competitors must be aware of this possibility and make way if this is the case.

COVID-19 Orange setting

  • Competitors and spectators are to stay at home if feeling unwell.
  • Hygiene practices must be adhered to, washing hands and using hand sanitiser.
  • Competitors advised that spitting is strongly discouraged.


The event is open to any athlete registered in the Athletes NZ ClubNet database as “Competitive” and “Active and Financial” as of 11.59pm on Thursday, 18 August 2022.

Registered athletes from other centres are welcome at this event. They need to email Daryl at daryl@fedude.co.nz by Thursday, 18 August, 5:00pm.

If you have already received a bib at the Vosseler, Dorne Cup or Cross Country Champs, you must use the same bib. Bibs will be available for collection at the Wainuiomata Harriers Truck for those who have recently registered. Replacement bibs will be available to collect for those people who forget or have lost their bibs. Allow plenty of time. Race Numbers must be worn on the front of club singlets.


JW U20, JW U18, JM U18, MW 50—59, 60—64, 65—69 and 70+, MM 60-64, 65-69 and 70+, SW/MW 20-49 non-championship, SM/MM 20-59 non-championshipStart timeDistance and lapsAge group
3 loops of 2.5k
JM U20
2 loops of 2.5k
JW U20, JW U18, JM U18, MW 50-59, 60-64, 65-69 and 70+, MM 60-64, 65-69 and 70+, SW/MW 20-49 non-championship, SM/MM 20-59 non-championship
1 loop of 1k
Boys and girls U10
2 loops of 1k
Girls and boys U12
1 loop of 1k
1 loop of 2.5k
Boys and girls U16
1 loop of 2.5k
Girls and boys U14
4 loops of 2.5k
SW 20-34, SM20-34, MW 35-49, MM 35-49, MM 50-59, MW 50+ non-championship, MM 60+ non-championship

Championship events for masters and seniors

  • 10km championship distance: SW, MW35-49, SM, MM35-49, MM50-59.
  • 5km championship distance: MW50-59, MW60-64, MW65-69, MW70+, MM60-64, MM65-69, MM70+

Competitors running out of grade

Any senior or master runner who wishes to enter a distance other than their championship distance must email daryl@fedude.co.nz by Thursday, 18 August, 5:00pm. Please send the following details; Name, Club, Race Bib Number, Grade and Distance you are running, 5km or 10km. If you are a masters runner and wish to run in a “higher” championship grade (eg. a master wishing to enter the senior race or a W50 wishing to enter the W35 10km race), please also let Daryl know this.

Age grades

For all grades, except masters, ages are at 31 December 2021. For masters grades, ages are age on the day.

  • U20 = 18 or 19 at end of this year.
  • U18 = 16 or 17 at end of this year.
  • U16 = 14 or 15 at end of this year.
  • U14 = 12 or 13 at end of this year.
  • U12 = 10 or 11 at end of this year.
  • U10 = 9 or younger at year-end.

Teams and medals

Open and masters championship grades: 6 to count for Open Men. 4 to count for all other grades. Masters can count for both their club’s masters and open teams.

Junior grades: 3 to count for all junior age grades, WU20 and WU18 to be combined.

Centre medals will be awarded for the first 3 registered Wellington Centre athletes in each grade. Season medals will be distributed to clubs at a later date. Medals will be given out as soon as provisional results become available. Note, that final results might not be available on the day of the event.

Club tents

There is space for club tents at the start-finish area. We ask that if your club is bringing a tent, that it be brought onto the course by 12:00pm.


There is parking either at the course, down by the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park or at the end of Hine Road. Parking spaces are limited, especially if wet. Car-pooling is encouraged, as is the use of the car park at the end of Hine Road or at Richard Prouse Park if you are arriving late.


There may be a sausage sizzle, depending on the weather. Please bring cash for this. There will also be a coffee van on site.

Toilet facilities

There will be 4 portaloos at the entrance to the site. There are also toilets situated next to the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park.