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Wellington Road Champs

Saturday 18 September 2021

Note: the timetable and rules below could change depending if the event is run under Alert Level 1 or Alert Level 2

The Wellington Road Champs is the last of the four big interclub races for the year. It is a great opportunity to run a fast 5km or 10km time with a large pack of runners to pull you along. It is held in the scenic Wainuiomata Recreation Area. The course is an out-and-back road race using a 1.25km stretch of road that is closed to public traffic. The course is largely sheltered from the wind. 

Details and results from 2020 races


Reservoir Road, Wainuiomata 

The races are held in the Wainuiomata Recreation Area. Enter from Moores Valley Road and turn into Whitcher Grove which leads to Reservoir Road.

Course Description 

An out and back road race using a 1.25km stretch of road that is closed to public traffic. There is a hill on one side and a river on the other side. The course is largely sheltered from wind. Weather conditions are usually cool at this time of year. Please be advised that emergency vehicles, Wellington Water and the Ranger may need to drive on the course during races. Competitors must be aware to this possibility and make way if this is the case. Also members of the public may be walking near or on the course, although they will be discouraged from doing so.

COVID-19 Alert Level 2 restrictions and protocols

It is expected that the Championships will be held while the region is under the Government’s Delta Alert Level 2 restrictions.

If we move back to Alert Level 1 prior to 18 September, we will revert to the original Level 1 timetable and plans (watch for further communication).

The following operating procedures for the Championships have been prepared in accordance with Government rules around open air mass participation events together with guidance from Ministry of Health and Sport NZ publications.

The procedures are set out under 3 sections:

1. Contact tracing: So we have an accurate list of who is at the Championships, should
contact tracing subsequently be required, all athletes must enter online with their
contact details and sign in when entering the course.

2. 4 separate races: In order to limit gathering numbers to 100, the Championships
will be divided up into 4 races:

  • 10.30am 10km (for 40min+ runners)
  • 12.30pm 5km (W50+, M60+, U20, U18, U16)
  • 1.45pm 2.5km/1km (U14 & U12 – 2.5km; U10 – 1km)
  • 2.45pm 10km (for sub 40min runners)

3. Personal responsibility

Contact Tracing

  • All athletes must enter online by Thursday evening 16 September, via the following link: https://www.webscorer.com/register?pid=1&raceid=252709&owner=1
  • Registration will allow us:
    • to capture contact details should Covid19 contact tracing subsequently be required
    • provide contact details to the Ministry of Health if required
    • ensure gathering numbers don’t exceed 100
  • If you enter, then subsequently decide not to attend, please notify: daryl@fedude.co.nz
  • Entry priority will be given to members of Athletics Wellington clubs
  • All athletes and officials must report to the Registration Desk prior to entering the course to confirm their attendance:
  • the Desk will be located at the (only) entrance to the designated course area. The course area starts by the road gate at the end of the carpark. Portaloos will also be located here
    • the Desk will open 45min prior to the start of each race
    • a Covid19 QR tracer code will be available for scanning
    • hand sanitiser will be available

4 separate races

  • Each of the 4 races will be treated as a separate event, with the number of athletes limited to 100
  • Athletes are NOT to enter the course (beyond the registration desk) more than 30min before the start time of their race. This will avoid co-mingling of different races.
  • On completion of the race, athletes are to exit the course
  • Warm ups / warm downs are to be done on the road from the carpark back towards Wainui, ie outside of the designated course area. (But the course can be used for warm ups within 30min of start time).
  • The carpark is not part of the designated course area, but you are still requested not to mingle in the carpark area with athletes who are in a different race from you
  • The split of the 10km race between sub 40min and over 40min pace is only a guide; athletes can choose which race they want to do according to their start time preference
  • Results from the two 10km races will be combined into one set of championship results
  • There will be no prizegiving, but championship medals will be posted out afterwards
  • The course is closed to spectators / coaches / supporters. Athletes and officials only please. However caregivers for young children will be allowed to accompany their child to and from the start line, provided they record their contact details at the registration desk and remain at least 2 metres from the course.

Personal responsibility

We are fortunate that we are able to race, but it does rely on everyone playing their part and “doing the right thing”, so everyone stays safe and healthy. Therefore please exercise common sense and good personal hygiene:

  • If you, or someone you are in close contact with, have symptoms of cold or flu, are unwell or who are waiting on test results for Covid19 please do not attend the event
  • Regularly wash / sanitise hands
  • Don’t enter the designated course area more than 30min before your start time
  • Practice physical distancing before and after the race
  • Exit the course promptly after your race
  • Don’t mingle in the carpark area with athletes who are in a different race from you
  • Don’t gather on the start line until called to the line by the starter
  • Stick to the course, ie run in right hand lane (the course will have minimal cones and referees)
  • No shaking hands / hugs / spitting / nose clearing
  • No spectators / coaches / supporters.


The event is open to any athlete registered in the Athletes NZ GameDay database as “Competitive” and “Active and Financial” as at Thursday 16 September 2021, provided they enter via the above link.

Race Bib

If you have already received a bib at the Vosseler, Dorne Cup or Cross Country Champs, you MUST use the same bib. If you do not have a bib, or need a replacement bib, collect one from the Registration Desk when you report in.

Championship distances

  • The championship distances for junior grades are as listed above.
  • 10km is the Championship distance for SW, MW35-49, SM, MM35-49, MM50-59.
  • 5km is the Championship distance for MW50-59, MW60-69, MW70+, MM60-69 and MM70+
  • There is a non-championship grade in the 5km and 10km races

Competitors running out of championship grade

Any athlete who wishes to enter a grade other than their normal championship grade must email daryl@fedude.co.nz with details by Thursday 16 September. eg:

  • a Senior Man wishing to enter the 5km non-championship grade;
  • a masters runner wishing to enter the senior grade;
  • a W50 wishing to enter the W35 10km

Age Grades

For all grades, except Masters, ages are at 31st December 2021. For Masters’ grades, ages are age on the day.

  • U20 = 18 or 19 at end of this year. U18 = 16 or 17 at end of this year.
  • U16 = 14 or 15 at end of this year. U14 = 12 or 13 at end of this year.
  • U12 = 10 or 11 at end of this year. U10 = 9 or younger at year end.

Teams and Medals

Open and Masters championship grades: 6 to count for Open Men. 4 to count for all other grades. Masters can count for both their club’s Masters and Open teams.

Junior Grades: 3 to count for all junior age grades, WU20 and WU18 to be combined.

Centre medals will be awarded for the first 3 registered Wellington Centre athletes in each grade. Season medals will be distributed to clubs at a later date.


There is parking either at the course, down by the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park or at the end of Hine Road. Parking spaces are limited, especially if wet. Car-pooling is encouraged as is the use of the car-park at the end of Hine Road or at Richard Prouse Park if you are arriving late.

Toilet facilities

There will be 4 portaloos at the entrance to the site. There are also toilets situated next to the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park.