Welcome to Alert Level 3

Alert Level 3 begins at 11.59pm tonight.

  • Group training, club events, races and pack runs are not allowed under Alert Level 3 restrictions (unless those you are training with are also those you live with and already in your bubble).
  • But we’ve still got heaps of ways you can stay in touch with us in this newsletter.
  • You are now able to travel to local training venues if they are open, but don’t travel between regions. You should still train within your local area.
  • Remember to remain vigilant about social distancing and to respect the 2-metre distancing rule at all times.

Options for the week 

There are only three days left to complete the challenges in Part Two of the April Social Distance Running Challenge. Submit your entry here.

The full details are here. But your four tasks, to complete before the end of April, are – (a) run every street around your house, (b) climb one of our designated local hills, (c) foam roll for two minutes, and (d) enter our colouring competition.

And then we move onto the May Challenges:

Social Distance Running May

As we move to Level 3 our May Social Distance Running Challenge is brought to you by the number 3. (That song will stick in your head all day, eh?)

We will have the entry form and details on the website and a Facebook Event page soon, but here’s a preview:

📅 Fortnightly Challenge

Run three loops of a triangle. Most Wellington street blocks are rectangle. Can you find a three-sided loop and run around it three times? Equilateral, isosceles, and scalene – they all earn your points this fortnight.

🏆Monthly challenge

Do a Triathlon – go for a bike ride, swim and run all in one go. It is Wellington, it’s nearly winter and pools aren’t open so keep the swim safe; splashing your legs in the sea is enough. For authenticity make sure you report that your run was longer than it was.

⏱2-minute mission

Tricep dips. Don’t be all about the legs. Find yourself a chair and do some tricep dips.  Three? Or two minutes’ worth. Or three minutes? A photo of your subsequent tricep pose in the mirror won’t go astray if you’re looking for bonus points.

😜Just for fun

How many window bears can you find on a 30 minute run? The toddlers have lost interest in the bear hunting so it’s our turn now. Bonus points if the bear is Scottish. But be careful about looking too closely in random people’s windows!

Athletics NZ Virtual Races

Athletics NZ is hosting a series of virtual challenges for runners. This month it has been running a National Virtual 5K Champs – and Scottish is currently in sixth place. There are three days left to register your 5km runs.

National Virtual Ekiden

During May Athletics New Zealand is running the National Ekiden Virtual Relay Champs. So far Scottish has 117 people registered for Ekiden teams. If anyone else wants to be in a team contact us immediately. We hope to select and name all the teams on Wednesday. We will publish these teams and instructions for the Ekiden on our website and Facebook.

Banner photo

The image above was taken by Chandima Kulathilake at the 2017 Shaw Baton Relay. It shows Gerard Gordon at the top of the hill. He and Matt McCrudden ran the Scottish M40 B team from 6th to 4th place over their final two laps, going past Hutt Valley and WHAC.

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