April fools jokes, Easter chocolate, waking up in the dark, and one week of lockdown ticked off, welcome to April!

Anyone can participate in our virtual run challenge, if you’re a runner and in need of motivation, you’re always welcome here.

All the details are below or on our Facebook event page

April, Part 1

📅 Weekly Challenge

Incorporate your fellow isolation mates in to your exercise routine (with their consent). Walk the dog, use your flatmate as a kettlebell, do a savasana with the cat, get creative.

🏆Monthly challenge

Hills – Check out the list of hills to tackle (see below) and see which ones are local to you. Tick off as many as you can, as HAAM as you can.

⏱2 minute mission

How many press ups can you do in two minutes?

😜Strava art

Draw a body part. It can be any body part; your favourite one, or your best feature. Draw it huge or tiny, wiggly or straight, cubist or impressionist.

We’ll have some new challenges for you every week to keep you on your toes/forefoot. Make sure you share your efforts with us on Instagram and Facebook 🙂 #Socialdistancerunning or #Activedistancing

The Hills

  1. Karori and Western suburbs = Full Makara Climb        
  2. Lower Hutt West = Korokoro
  3. Lower Hutt East and Eastbourne = Wainuiomata Hill       
  4. CBD and Te Aro = Aro Valley       
  5. Northern suburbs = Onslow Rd/Cashmere  
  6. Southern sububs = Houghton Valley 
  7. CBD and Mt Victoria = Mt Victoria from Carlton Gore          
  8. Miramar = Miramar climb to prison 
  9. Brooklyn = Brooklyn to Wind Turbine  
  10. Crofton Downs = Pylon 4WD
  11. Wadestown = Old Wadestown Rd
  12. Johnsonville = Ironside Rd

⚠️ Please keep all of your runs and walks local, and don’t take any risks. Nobody will be able to get within 2 metres of you to stop your Garmin when you’re incapacitated.

We’ll be running our points system just for our members that rewards both participation and achievement. You’ll be able to submit runs through a form online here:

Bonus points will be awarded liberally for those who keep the rest of us entertained.

What the emojis mean:

📅Weekly Challenge
Consistency is key to forming great habits. Keep motivated with an easy weekly challenge you can tick off and use it to build towards your goals.

🏆Monthly Challenge
If you are missing the race environment and being able to push yourself, this is the one for you! We’ll mix it up with handicapped time trials, segment grabs and volume based goals.

⏱Two minute mission
Don’t have time to go for a run? You can achieve something in just two minutes of your day. Small challenges to make your day more interesting, and encourage you to try something new.

😜Just for fun
It might be running related, it might not. Do something a bit different to make someone else smile.

Photo credit: Andy McDowall