Our start of May Social Distance Running Challenge was brought to you by the number 3 but now we are in Alert Level 2 so our end of May competition includes some 2-themed challenges too.

Here are the challenges for the second half of May:

Fortnightly Challenge

Run a loop in both directions. Running loops in opposite directions helps keep your posture in line and prevent you from getting dizzy. If you’re Nicholas Bagnall your double loop could be the Makara Loop. The rest of us are allowed more prosaic options.

Monthly challenge

Do a Triathlon – go for a bike ride, swim and run all in one go. For authenticity make sure you report that your run was longer than it was.

2-minute mission

Two minutes of bicep curls. For us non-triathletes, biceps are the bits of your body that hang off your shoulders. Make them curly.

Just for fun

Run a Scottish symbol, or a word. Maybe a lion, a kilt, a unicorn (I found out today it’s the national animal of Scotland). Or, for those who enjoyed the restricted viewing version of the the body parts challenge, Scotland has got some good swearwords you could try.

What the challenges mean:

Fortnightly Challenge

Consistency is key to forming great habits. Keep motivated with an easy weekly challenge you can tick off and use it to build towards your goals.

Monthly Challenge

If you are missing the race environment and being able to push yourself, this is the one for you! We’ll mix it up with handicapped time trials, segment grabs and volume based goals.

Two minute mission

Don’t have time to go for a run? You can achieve something in just two minutes of your day. Small challenges to make your day more interesting, and encourage you to try something new.

Just for fun

It might be running related, it might not. Do something a bit different to make someone else smile.