17 teams celebrated the 100th anniversary of the McVilly Shield. It was great to see lots of new people running with the club for the first time and a few returners like James Parsons and Sam McCutcheon after being away a few years. Many thanks to the officials Sharon Wray, Hayden Smith, Bob Stephens, Andy Ford, Alan Stevens and Rees Buck.

Team 10 (Dion Gamperle, Denis McCarthy and Nico Vessiot) was the 2nd fastest team and survived a late charge from the lightly handicapped Team 9 (Dan Jones, Emma Bassett and Don Stevens) to secure a narrow overall victory. Team 12 (Bert Prendergast, Jasmine Smith and Kasey MacKinnon) picked up 3rd place.

13 of the 17 teams finished within 5 minutes of each other so the random handicapping played a key role in the final results.

Sharon’s photos

Join us next week for the Scottish Mountain Running Champs.

TeamTeam membersTime (10km)Dice handicapTotal time
1Malcolm Hodge, Emma, Chris Howard37.09441.09
2Iain Shaw, Glen Wallis, Peter38.42139.42
3Emily Solsberg, Dan B, Nigel Roberts42.34446.34
4Paul Barwick, Karl Jackson, Andrena Patterson40.39545.39
5John Howell, Paul Rodway, Lindsay Barwick46.21551.21
6Frank Grieve, Mel Aitken, Miller Buck38.24543.24
7Guy Dryden, Matyas, Heather Walker38.41442.41
8Matt M, Oliver McLean, Isaac35.14641.14
92nd = Dan Jones, Emma Bassett, Don Stevens36.53137.53
101st = Dion Gamperle, Denis McCarthy, Nico Vessiot34.06337.06
11Alice Sowry, Lulu Lloyd Jones, Emma Perron38.44543.44
123rd = Bert Prendergast, Jasmine Smith, Kasey MacKinnon36.26238.26
13Kristian Day, James Parsons, Michael Wray35.37641.37
14Andrew Wharton, Jaime Vessiot, Bex Hutchinson37.43138.43
15Jack Shaw, Emma Sturmfels, James Turner36.50440.50
16Harry McLean, Stephen Day, Sam McCutcheon30.554+438.55
17Sierra Ryland, James Richardson, Mark Moore37.10239.10