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A special welcome to our new club member, Hannah Miller.

This week

  • Tuesday 6.20 pm, speed session with Rowan and Andy, Newtown Park. This week’s session sounds amazing. See below for details.
  • Friday 12.27 pm, Kupe Run, a chatty pre-weekend run from the Kupe statue on the waterfront.
  • Saturday 2.00 pm, Scottish Mountain Running Championships, Huntleigh Girl Guiding Centre, 44 Silverstream Road, Crofton Downs. Race director Glen Wallis says do not be put off by the deceptive words “mountain” or “championship”, this is a fun event for everyone.
  • Sunday long pack runs — usually, these leave 8.30 am from outside Freyberg Pool and some alternative locations around Wellington. Contact our club captains Emma and Bert for info, or check Facebook for details.


McVilly Shield Relay

Dion Gamperle, Denis McCarthy and Nico Vessiot won the McVilly Shield, beating 16 other teams. Nico joins a select group of people who have won the shield two years in a row. Dan Jones, Emma Bassett and Don Stevens were second and Bert Prendergast, Jasmine Smith and Kasey MacKinnon were 3rd.

Full results below

Melrose Shield Relay Meet

While much of the club was at Karori Park for the McVilly Shield, Harry McLean reports that Oliver McLean, Jack Shaw, Denis McCarthy and Simon Keller were defending the club’s honour at Newtown Park. They picked up 3rd place in 12:01.66 for the distance medley and 2nd place in 4:21.63 for the 4 x 400m.

In the 3000m Walk 7 Bob Gardner 21:18.36, Helen Willis 22:05.41, Daphne Jones 23:11.00, and John Hines 25:29.23.

Overall, Scottish finished 4th for the teams challenge for Melrose Shield.


Coming up

Rowan and Andy’s last Newtown Park workout for the summer

From Rowan: Andrew Ford has been talking about this session which sounds legendary for a couple of years, so we figured it was about time to give it ago. The plan is to run the equivalent of 5km between two people, by doing 200m reps. So:

  • Runner 1 runs 200m and tags runner 2
  • Runner 2 runs 200m and whilst this is happening runner 1 ‘jogs’ across the infield so that runner 2 can tag them
  • Runner 1 now runs 200m whilst runner 2 ‘jogs across the infield
  • We will keep going until we have run 25 x 200m between each pair (or 5 km of the track)

In other words, runner 1 runs a series of 200m from the far corner of the track to the start/finish line (jogging across the infield at the end of each one) and runner 2 runs a series of 200m from the start/finish link to the far corner (jogging across the infield at the end of each one). We will try and put people of similar speed together and by the end, you will have run a pretty swift 5km.

And of course, we will sort out the teams 5 minutes before we start so no need to stress out trying to organise your other runner prior to the session. Should be legendary.

2022 Events Calendar

Our events calendar for the autumn and winter season is now available. If you have events you want to add to it, contact us.

Scottish Mountain Champs, 2 April

This social race celebrates the club’s rich history in mountain running. Scottish have had several members represent New Zealand, including 2-times World Champion Melissa Moon. The race starts shortly after 2pm from Huntleigh Park, with 3 options you can choose from. Very rough approximate distances are Short: 3-4km, Medium: 5-6km, Long: 7-8km. All  3 options head across Huntleigh Park and turn left up a short steep road to join the Silversky Track. This is a single lane track that you continue running until it meets the Skyline Track.

If you need a ride or can offer a ride let people know on the Facebook group. Alternatively the Johnsonville Train and the Number 22 Bus both have stops near Huntleigh Park.


Saturday afternoon club runs, from 9 April

Our friendly Saturday 2 pm pack runs and walks from the clubrooms start regularly in April. Turn up for a gentle run, a chat, a cuppa tea afterwards and maybe a trip to a nearby pub or cafe for a drink. The J Team will also be back.

Marshall has made a table booking for a 4:00pm gathering at the Hop Garden for those who are interested after the club run.

Centennial Cup, 23 April

Our new season officially opens with this flat 5km club race along the south coast waterfront, starting at Island Bay. It is a sealed handicap event where our handicapper has estimated your time over 5km to determine your handicap. Everyone starts together and the finishing times are adjusted by your handicap to determine your net time and the overall winner of the Cup. We meet beforehand at St Hilda’s Church, 311 The Parade, to store gear. Then we return afterwards for a substantial and famous afternoon tea. This year’s afternoon tea theme is ANZAC biscuits for ANZAC weekend.


Shaw Baton Relays, 30 April

The Shaw Baton Relays will proceed on 30 April, subject to any COVID-19 restriction changes and approval from Regional Council. The Shaw Baton Relays are the first inter-club event of the season. Teams of 4 people run around a 2km loop that traverses grass, gravel tracks, log jumps and a water jump. It is mostly flat to undulating with one sharp uphill and downhill. Details to come.


Membership levies for 2022-2023

Athletics Wellington and Athletics NZ have set their fees at the same as 2021/22. Therefore, the management committee will set our club subscriptions at the same level too. But as we missed the membership drive we normally do at Round The Bays it has decided to offer a special subscription open until the end of April:

  • Seniors – $150
  • Under 20 – $70
  • Under 7 – $30

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For those who have already paid directly into our bank account, we will process your memberships over the next day or two.

Join us for a Taupō Road Trip

Please fill out this registration form to let us know if you would like to join us in Taupō for the NZ Cross Country Champs. The cross country championships bring together the best distance runners in NZ — but they are also a great opportunity for a club weekend away with runners or all speeds and ambitions. Spa Park, with its rolling hills, geothermal scenery, hotpools and fast-draining volcanic soil, is one of the best cross country courses in NZ. And Taupō is a great venue for a club weekend away.


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