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We have one result! It’s possibly the last official result in a while so savour it: Niam Macdonald was 7th at the NZ 10000m champs in Auckland on Saturday in 32.28.01. 

Keeping motivated and connected

From the Scottish Harriers Emergency Planning Steering Group (it’s a thing that exists! I didn’t know about it either until it leapt into action):

It’s really important that we keep running while we can, and that we stay connected with each other online, if not in person. We love the community that Scottish has created and want to find new ways of keeping that amazing spirit alive. A group of us are setting up a series of challenges/goals for everyone, and asking you to get involved in, as much or as little as you like. We’ll keep tabs of how everyone is doing and provide weekly updates, and new challenges each week/month.

To make the most of them it’s best to be linked to Strava, but we can still do things for those who aren’t. Here’s the club page for those already on Strava or ready to join.

We’ll try not to over-complicate things. And we will keep you informed and hopefully motivated.

Remember, you can choose to opt in or not, for as much or as little as you like. But we’d love as many of you as possible to keep running and walking, and keep connected with each other.

We can start with simple things like “Run X times each week” and “run a new route this week”. We can extend this to include distance running achievements (e.g. Run a 10k this week/month – Strava already does this pretty well) and maybe even something like “run a Makara loop by end May” or similar for those who really need a stretch target!

We will also draw up (and publish/keep track of) a list of routes/Strava segments around Wellington and the region for you to run and tick off in your own time, maybe with a bit of handicapping/age grading for those who want to run some of them a bit harder. We will also set up some specific distance virtual races to be completed any time on set routes. Again we will use handicapping/estimated times and age grading, and hopefully add a few prizes in there too. Routes could include for instance 10k on the Honest 10k course (Freyberg to Evans Bay Zephyrometer and back) or at Karori Park, a 5k on the W5k course, even a half on the old Wgtn Half marathon course (Grant has already done this) or on an off road course. Watch. This. Space.

March only has one week left but we’re kicking off with a challenge anyway:


  • 📅 Go for a run once this week
  • 🏆Run a fast 5km – JT will do the handicaps
  • ⏱Hold a plank for two minutes
  • 😜Strava art – Draw a smiley face with GPS

We’ll be running a points system that rewards both participation and achievement. JT and Walter have a spreadsheet ready to fire up and you can submit runs through a form online.

If you have ideas for a challenge please let us know! If you’d like to haggle for bonus points, half points, or anything else please do. Definite bonus points if you run a fast 5km in the shape of a face with a plank at each end.

What the emojis mean:

📅Weekly challenge

Consistency is key to forming great habits. Keep motivated with an easy weekly challenge you can tick off and use it to build towards your goals.

🏆Monthly challenge

If you are missing the race environment and being able to push yourself, this is the one for you! We’ll mix it up with handicapped time trials, segment grabs and volume based goals.

⏱Two-minute mission

Don’t have time to go for a run? You can achieve something in just two minutes of your day. Small challenges to make your day more interesting, and encourage you to try something new.

😜Just for fun

It might be running related, it might not. Do something a bit different to make someone else smile.

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