A huge welcome to 33 new club members 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️: Casey O’Callaghan, Marc Walton, Nathan Pickup, Matthew Brett, Adam Bradshaw, Rich Smith, Oliver McLean, Sarah-Grace Breen, Mike Cousins, Kahurangi Graham, Carlo Rojas, Liz Thrussell, Bex Hutchinson, Sarah Okeefe, James Malcolm, Rob Tomkies, Maree Carsen, Tracy Gray, Luke Ferguson, Connor Beere, Adrian Macquet, Sam Battarini, Jacob Ruth, Lucas Slessor, Jason Cheng, Sarah Scarlett, Gary Scott, Natalie Stewart, Thomas Layden, Sam Turner, Craig Anderson, Patrick Kirkham and Sumudu Jayalath!

Options for the week 

  • Tuesday 5.30pm, Waterfront 5km, Outside Mac’s Brewbar on Taranaki Wharf. Come and run, volunteer or support.
  • Wednesday 6.15pm, Newtown Park Track workout. Meet 6.15pm for 6.30pm start, lead by Andy and Rowan, shorter distance track reps.
  • Saturday, 8.00am, Newtown Track workout – contact Chandima for info, or check Facebook for details. Longer track reps with a focus on building towards major events.
  • Saturday, 8.00am, Lower Hutt 5km Parkrun, Porirua 5km Parkrun, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkrun.
  • Sunday, 9.00am, Matairangi Fun Run, Hataitai Velodrome, Mt Victoria
  • Sunday, 8.15pm, Sir Graeme Douglas International, Auckland (Niam Macdonald, 5000m and 3000m Steeplechase)


  • There were so, so, so many people running the Round the Bays yesterday to my apologies to the people whom I inevitably missed out from the results below. Many thanks to the Michelle and her team of volunteers who set up and packed down the yelow lion tent and introduced themselves to all the keen new members yesterday. And thanks also to the many club members who served as volunteers or officials for the races themselves. You all did an amazing job – Results, Photos and write-up from Rowan Grieg.
  • Round the Bays 6.5km: Hiro Tanimoto 20.35 (3rd), Stephen Day 21.13, Paul Barwick 22.03, Andy Ford 22.37, Geoff and Gemma Ferry 23.22 (1st buggy), Chris McIlroy 24.03, Jamie White 24.32, Lindsay Barwick 24.50 (1st), James Parsons 24.51, Carrick Crafts 25.47, Hayden Smith 29.22, Scott Kinnear and Eliot Blacklaws 32.48 (3rd buggy), Lucy Thorburn 34.45, James Coventry 34.47, Katie Kemp 36.33, Stu Beresford 36.47, Lyn Clark 37.01, Audrey Thorburn 37.24, Dougal Thorburn 37.24, Lucas Slessor 39.05, Spike Hayvice 39.34, Jess Haldane 43.37, Mark Haldane 44.31, Sarah McLennan 48.48, Karen Jenkinson 50.46.
  • Round the Bays 10km: Ben Twyman 3.15 (3rd), Oliver McLean 37.04, Ayesha Shafi 39.05 (1st), Matthew Brett 39.22, Rich Smith 41.21, James Turner 40.43, Amanda Broughton 40.51 (3rd), Iain Shaw 41.35, Bex Hutchinson 43.25, Michael Cummins 44.33, Patrick Roby 47.54, Hermaleigh Townsley 49.17, Amy Auld 49.47, Jason Cheng 51.22, Lindsay Young 51.31 (big PB!), Marc Walton 51.46, Alannah Clark 54.16, Marshall Clark 54.17, Bob Stephens 54.43, Pam Graham 56.54, Sarah Scarlett 58.59, Kathryn Pentland 59.14, Fiona Macmaster 1.00.25, Tracy Gray 1.01.06, Willie Stephens 1.03.03, John Howell 1.03.56, Sarah Okeefe 1.05.18, Kahurangi Graham 1.06.34, Isabel Ross 1.11.48
  • Round the Bays Half Marathon: Dan Jones 1.07.35 (1st and course record), Seamus Kane 1.09.54 (2nd), Bert Prendergast 1.11.19 (3rd and PB), Kristian Day 1.12.07, Andrew Wharton 1.13.19, Chris Wharam 1.13.41 (PB), Alasdair Saunders 1.18.49, Grant McLean 1.19.10, Conor Doherty-Craig 1.19.26, Simon Keller 1.19.55, Adam Bradshaw 1.20.14, Dion Gamperle 1.23.53 (PB), Mel Stevens 1.24.17 (3rd), Brad Wong 1.26.17, Mike Cousins 1.27.25 Sam Ellison 1.24.46 (PB), Andy John 1.28.25, Malcolm Kerr 1.29.08, Sarah-Grace Breen 1.31.15, Rob Tomkies 1.32.11, Bill Wang 1.32.25 (PB), Ray Manahan 1.33.48, Jacob Ruth 1.35.50, Thomas Layden 1.35.56, Jonathan Evans 1.36.43, Connor Beere 1.38.55, Matyas James 1.39.04, Emma Bassett 1.41.15, Casey O’Callaghan 1.41.27, Danielle Trewoon 1.41.50, Kasey Mackinnon 1.42.07, Betty Harp 1.44.44, Emma Sturmfels 1.45.36, Chris Harp 1.47.21, Alistair Collow 1.50.59, Abi Durrant 1.52.18, Meg Fahey 1.53.07, Marketa Langova 1.53.52, Erin Moriaty 1.55.44, Luke Ferguson 1.57.22, Lionel Nunns 2.03.58, Scott Ryland 2.04.38, Katy Murphy 2.07.37, Natalie Stewart 2.18.41, Rebecca Anderson 2.28.48, Megan Ferry 2.29.28, Katy McTeigue 3.06.56 (first half marathon!)
  • Mark Moore ran a new marathon PB of 2.27.53 at the Senshu International Marathon, in Japan. More importantly, he is representing our city as a guest of our sister city, Sakai. Each year Sakai invites one runner from Wellington to run the Senshu Marathon. Last year Hiro won the prize but gifted it to Mark. This year a Wellington woman from the Wellington Marathon will be selected to represent the city next year. 
  • Hiro Tanimoto ran 4.07 at the 1500m at the Porritt Classic in Hamilton on Saturday.
  • Jasmine Smith completed her first marathon and she chose a brutal one. The Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon has 2500 metres of ascent and is mostly single track. She finished in 9:54:23. Weston Hill also took part and he finished second in 4.25.41.
  • At the AIT Grand Prix Indoor Mile in Ireland on 12 February Hamish Carson ran 4:02.12.
  • At the Challenge Wanaka Half Ironman Racheal Cunningham finished in 5.18.34 for second in her age group and Richard Sweetman finished in 6.38.21 to be the first M70 – Results

Upcoming events

Matairangi Fun Run, 23 February Hataitai Velodrome, 

Open to the public, the Matairangi Fun Run, based on Mount Victoria, runs over the iconic Vosseler Shield course. There are two race options: the One Loop Race (5 km); or the Two Loop Race (two 5 km loops, adding up to 10 km). Each loop has approximately 190 metres of elevation.

McVilly Shield Relay, 7 March, Karori Park

The McVilly Shield is the first club event for the season and a great way to get to know other people in the club. This relay has teams of three people each. Everyone can participate, runners, walkers, J Team, seniors, masters and friends of the club. Just turn up and we will find you a team. You can either race it or use it as an opportunity to do some training. 

Each team must do ten laps of Karori Park. No individual team member can do more than four laps. But you can do the laps in any order you like. The race is randomly handicapped after the teams start.

Wellington 5000m Championships, 28 March, Newtown Park

This trackand field club meet is the last Athletics Wellington meet for the summer season. It incorporates the Melrose Shield interclub relay races and season close and the 5000m Walk and Run championships. Traditionally a large number of Scottish runners participate in the 5000m races.

Centennial Cup, 4 April, Island Bay 

This is a flat 5km club race along south coast waterfront starting at Island Bay. This is normally our first club race of each season. It is the traditional opening race of the season where members will compete for the new Centennial Cup, formerly the Le Gaye Rosebowl. It is a sealed handicap event where our handicapper has estimated your time over 5km to determine your handicap. Everyone starts together and the finishing times are adjusted by your handicap to determine your net time and the overall winner of the Cup. 

We meet beforehand at St Hilda’s Church, 311 The Parade, to store gear. Then we return afterwards for an afternoon tea.


if you missed our $20-off special for join or re-joining Wellington Scottish at our Round the Bays tent this year you can still get it if you email us at membership@scottishathletics.org.nz and pay Wellington Scottish Athletics 38-9005-0501833-00 this week. Put your name and “RTB JOIN” in the reference. If you want a singlet too, add $39. This will be the biggest discount we offer this year so don’t miss out by waiting.

Also: if you, as an existing member, sign up an adult friend who is new to the club or has not been a member for the last five years, we will give both you and your friend $15 off your membership fees. If you sign up two friends who are new to the club you get two lots of $15 off your membership fee. And so on. So, talk to your friends and colleagues who are running or walking Round the Bays this year. Tell them they could enjoy the same fun all year round at Scottish. If you get a friend to join make sure you email membership@scottishathletics.org.nz to let us know.


  • Join a new friend -$15 per new friend
  • Round the Bays discount for adult members -$20

Events calendar

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