This year the Ballantyne Cup (on 7th of December 2019) is doing something new. It’s a ten-mile race along both banks of the Hutt River. It’s in early summer and it’s in the morning. Here are ten reasons you’ll want to give it a go:

  1. The course is mostly flat, but if there is any hill or wind at all then it will be in your favour for the whole second half.
  2. It is a special opportunity to run a club harrier race in summer.
  3. The distance is about halfway between a 10km race and a half marathon. So you don’t need to go as fast as you would for 10km or as long as you would for a half marathon. It’s a great aerobic workout without taking as long to recover as a half marathon or marathon.
  4. It’s a great distance for running as a pack – it’s long enough that there is a big benefit running together but short enough that it is not too hard to find people of similar pace to run with. Get your friends and rivals together now.
  5. You’ve probably never raced 10 miles; in which case you are guaranteed a PB.
  6. It’s a nice round number – no random 97.5 metres at the end.
  7. It will make your single mile at the Night of Miles the following week feel easy.
  8. You can compare your time with veteran club runners who used to run the distance all the time.
  9. You’ll start and finish by McEwan Park on the Petone Foreshore. Later the same day McEwan park is hosting The World’s Big Sleep Out to raise awareness about homelessness and poverty.  So it will be a great opportunity to make a donation.
  10. Zany Zeus icecream and café is only a couple of kilometres down the road. You’ll have earned it.

Date: 7th December 2019 (Saturday)
Time: Register from 8am – Start at 8:30am
Venue: St James Sea Scout Hall by McEwan Park on the Petone Foreshore

To take part meet us at the St James Sea Scout Hall by McEwan Park on the Petone Foreshore at 8.00am. The race starts at 8.30am. You can see the route here on Strava.

RSVP via Facebook here.