1. Introduction

Wellington Scottish Athletics Club (WSAC) received a large bequest from the estate of life member Peter Tearle. The club’s management committee decided to set these funds aside from the general club funds and allow members to apply for grants to be provided from these funds. These grants must be consistent with the mission and objectives of the club:

Mission Statement

To provide the people of Wellington with a community in which to enjoy participation and achievement in athletics.


  1. To recruit and retain members to contribute skills and resources to the growth
    and performance of the Club.
  2. To deliver a full range of quality harrier and athletic programmes and services
    that cater for the diverse age and abilities of the members of the Club.
  3. To ensure administrative and financial management that supports all levels of
    the Club’s activities.
  4. To promote and support regional, ,national and international initiatives that will
    improve the growth and performance of athletics in New Zealand
  5. To foster such other initiatives that are relevant to the attainment of the Club’s

2. Application

Any WSAC member may apply for a grant which should be made to the management committee at membership@scottishathletics.org.nz. The grant application should be set out using the criteria outlined in 3. below.

The management committee shall review the request at its next meeting and may require further
information from the applicant before either granting or declining the request.

3. Criteria

  1. Amount of grant request
  2. Description of the intended use of funds
  3. Description of how the intended use of funds aligns with broad criteria
    • Criteria include:
      1. Promote WSAC and encourage membership
      1. Support access to the sport
      1. Provide a benefit to WSAC and WSAC members
      1. Provide an overall social benefit / good
    • Applications will not need to meet all criteria
  4. Case for change
    • What is the ‘problem’ or ‘gap’ the use of funds is intended to solve
  5. Outline delivery approach
    • Who will support the delivery of the project?
    • How do you intend to ensure the successful delivery of the project?
    • What success markers do you expect to see? How will you monitor those?
    • What time periods are expected through design -> delivery -> outcomes realisation?