18 teams competed this year. It was great to see lots of new people running with the club for the first time. Many thanks to the officials Sharon Wray, Michelle Knight, Bob Stephens, Ray Marten, Alan Stevens and James Richardson.

The two fastest teams, teams 1 and 16, suffered significant handicaps, allowing Ben Twyman, Nico Vessiot and Miller Buck to seize a narrow ten-second victory over Andy Ford, Lucy Fauth and Lindsay Young.

We’ll be back next year for the 100th anniversary of the Shield.

teamrunnersgun timehandicaptotal
12Ben Twyman, Nico Vessiot, Miller Buck35.45136.45
15Andy Ford, Lindsay Young, Lucy Fauth35.55136.55
3Bill Wang, Lewis Fowler, Geoff Ferry34.44337.44
8VP Gerete, Jimmy Valentine, Dougal Thorburn34.56337.56
7Stephen Day, Tyler Bain, Heather Walker35.29338.29
4Ali Campbell, Frank Grieve, James Turner35.33338.33
16Ben Bielski, Denis McCarthy, Harriet McFetridge33.23639.23
2Hayden Smith, Jack Shaw, John Howell38.45139.45
9Iain Shaw, Don Stevens, Michael Wray38.38240.38
1Grant McLean, Oliver McLean, Harry McLean31.251041.25
14Andrew Wharton, Sarah-Grace Breen, Dave Wilson36.43541.43
5Sierra Ryland, Paul Rodway, Tristan Rodway40.03242.03
18Spike Hayvice, Fiona Hayvice, Amanda Broughton39.36342.36
11Chris Johnson, Joseph Muollo, Louis Macquet40.57242.57
6Willie Stephens, Kath Littler, Swanny42.01244.01
13Glen Wallis, Matyas James, Adrian Macquet41.57344.57
17Emily Solsberg, James Richardson, Kasey MacKinnon40.22545.22
10Juliet Street, Matt Moloney, Juliette Macquet41.52546.52

Rowan Greig’s race write-up and photos

Bill Wang’s photos