Join or re-join Wellington Scottish at Round the Bays this year and you get $20 off your new season of Scottish full adult membership (down from $185 to $165). You can sign up at our bright yellow tent at Kilbirnie Park or you email us at and pay Wellington Scottish Athletics 38-9005-0501833-00. Put your name and “RTB JOIN” in the reference. If you want a singlet too, add $39. This will be the biggest discount we offer this year so don’t miss out by waiting.

Payment must be made by 28 February for this promo. Best to also email to let us know to make sure we spot your renewal on our bank statement. 

NB: you can’t use the online membership portal yet as ANZ has not released the new season subscription types. We’ll activate all those who joined/renewed during the promo period once ANZ has done its bit; ANZ will only do this next month once the T&F Champs have finished.

Also: if you, as an existing member, sign up an adult friend who is new to the club or has not been a member for the last five years, we will give both you and your friend $15 off your membership fees. If you sign up two friends who are new to the club you get two lots of $15 off your membership fee. And so on. So, talk to your friends and colleagues who are running or walking Round the Bays this year. Tell them they could enjoy the same fun all year round at Scottish. If you get a friend to join make sure you email to let us know.


  • Join a new friend -$15 per new friend
  • Round the Bays discount for adult members -$20