Road Relays are on Saturday 3 October this year. And they are back at Feilding.

The club normally organises accomodation for 2 and 3 October, transport to and from Feilding, a van for each team, team entries and a dinner in the evening to come together and celebrate a great weekend.

To help John Gardiner and Stephen Day plan the weekend we want to know of who might be coming. So please help us by answering this short survey.

NZ Road Relays is the highlight of the year and we want everyone to take part. We also know that this year is unique and many people might be facing different circumstances to normal. So we want to make sure our plan works for as many people in the club as possible.

This year we are unlikely to get any grant money or funding from outside the club, so the weekend away is likely to cost a bit more than it did last year.