Wellington Scottish has 29 teams in the Athletics NZ Virtual Ekiden. These teams are listed below. If you are in a team and want to contact the people in your team contact your club captains Danielle and Ben.

Each team needs to run 42.2km. Three people run a leg of 10km and one person runs 12.2km. Athletes upload their individual results (as many as you like in the month) and an individual’s top times are collated into your team’s times.

Remember the most important thing is to stay safe. That includes all the usual safety rules about staying local, staying in your bubble and staying at least 2 metres away from people outside your bubble. But it also includes being safe about not running on roads that have become busier under Alert Level 3.

If you want to give your team a better, more descriptive name send it to Stephen so he can update the team list.



Wellington Scottish Senior A

Nicole Mitchell
Ruby Muir
Seamus Kane
Hiro Tanimoto

Wellington Scottish Senior B

Amanda Broughton
Ayesha Shafi
Malcolm Hodge
Bert Prendergast

Wellington Scottish Senior C

Sarah-Grace Breen
Anna Breen
Tim Hodge
Rob Tomkies

Wellington Scottish Senior D

Bex Hutchinson
Jasmine Smith
Matthew Brett
Malcolm Kerr

Wellington Scottish Senior E

Lucy Fauth
Michelle Knight
Kristian Day
Alistair Richardson

Wellington Scottish Senior F

Danielle Trewoon
Herms Townsley
Lucas Duross
Karl Jackson

Wellington Scottish Senior G

Kasey McKinnon
Gemma Kennedy
Thomas Barr
Oliver McLean

Wellington Scottish Senior H

Emma O’Loughlin
Abigail Pitman
Nick Horspool
Jon Graham

Wellington Scottish Senior I

Emma Sturmfels
Nina Maurer
Chris Wharam
Aidan Johnson

Wellington Scottish Senior J

Holly Barclay
Amy Auld
Matt Moloney
Jonathan Evans

Wellington Scottish Senior K

Rachael Green
Sophie Dickson
Walter Somerville
Rich Smith

Wellington Scottish Senior L

Alex Ranford
Dani Stevens
Matt Bonner
Chris Sanson

Wellington Scottish Senior M

Jaime Vessiot
Katie Murphy
Nico Vessiot
Dan Rakic

Wellington Scottish Senior N

Clare McKinlay
Isabel Bridgeman
Tom Sawyer
Ben Bielski

Wellington Scottish Senior O

Ben Twyman
Izzy Deeley
Mel Hart
Richard Newman

Wellington Scottish Senior P

Mark Moore

Ailsa Robertson
Hannah Fillamore
Matt Ryan


Wellington Scottish Walk1

Terri Grimmett
Arlene Wong-Tung
Ian Morton
Sean Lake


Wellington Scottish 65A

Pam Graham
Christine Jones
Richard Sweetman
Paul Rodway

Wellington Scottish 65B

Loretta DeSourdy
Bob Stephens
John Howell
Julia Bracegirdle


Wellington Scottish 50A

Anna Guy
Tricia Sloan
Peter Stevens
Grant McLean

Wellington Scottish 50B

Michele Allison
Helen Bradford
James Turner
Michael Wray

Wellington Scottish 50C

Fiona Macmaster
Sharon Wray
Gerard Gordon
Don Stevens

Wellington Scottish 50D

Bev Hodge
Karen Jenkinson
Jim Jones
Stu Beresford

Wellington Scottish 50E

Angela Campbell
Helen Willis
Nicholas Bagnall
Glen Wallis

Wellington Scottish 50F

Caroline Fyfe
Kirsty Burnett
Michael Cummins
Marshall Clark


Wellington Scottish 35A

Mel Aitken
Fiona Hayvice
Stephen Day
Geoff Ferry

Wellington Scottish 35B

Emily Solsberg
Emma Bassett
James Richardson
Paul Barwick

Wellington Scottish 35C

Rachael Cunningham
Lindsay Young
Andrew Kerr
Mike Cousins

Wellington Scottish 35D

Sierra Ryland
Karen McLean
Matyas James
Scott Ryland

Wellington Scottish 35E

Carla Dennehy
Marketa Langova
Chandima Kulathilake
Bill Wang

Wellington Scottish 35F

Kath Littler
Laura Cooper
Alasdair Saunders
Luke Ferguson

Wellington Scottish 35G

Hayden Smith
Ray Manahan
Iain Shaw
Phil Sadgrove