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Tanadees and Arkwright Cups

📢📢 Tanadees Update 📢📢

Tanadees/Arkwright 2021 is a virtual event, run on the waterfront (Fergs to Balaena Bay and back) between 19 September and 9 October.

While we’re hoping that Wellington will be back at Alert Level 1 soon, we’ve decided to give everyone a bit of early certainty around event that was supposed to take place on 25 September. While this isn’t ideal, it does mean that everyone will (hopefully) get a chance to participate and also means that it doesn’t clash with other races, which was a certainty if we rescheduled.

Stay tuned for regular updates (although the handicaps will be secret until the event is over!).

The course

The 2021 virtual course follows the old Powerade Challenge course (2012-2018 version), so hopefully it’s straightforward (but without free Powerade).

Start at the “0” km marker at Fergs Kayaks, run to the public toilets at Balaena Bay, then run back to Fergs.

Old Tanadees / Arkwright information from previous years

8km out-and-back course along the waterfront.
8km out-and-back course along the waterfront.

The Tanadees and Arkwright Cups Race is an 8km handicapped race around the Evans Bay/Balaena Bay waterfront. We meet beforehand at the Kilbirnie Pool then the race starts from the Wind Needle in Kilbirnie. It is a good opportunity for a flat road race to sharpen up before the New Zealand Road Relays.

Victoria University of Wellington Athletics Club members joins us for this race to compete for their Sherwood Cup.


Arkwright and Tanadees Cup winners 2018