Options this week

  • Tuesday 6.00pm, Speed Session with Andy and Rowan, outside Freyberg Pool. This week’s session is 500m reps at different paces. See website for details.
  • Wednesday 6.00pm, Sparkle Fitness strength and conditioning, Club K Gym. Email Sierra for details.
  • Saturday, 8.00am, Karori Park speed workout — contact our club captains Danielle and Ben for info, or check Facebook for details. 8.00am warm-up for an 8.30am start. All speeds and interests welcome.
  • Saturday, 8.00am, Lower Hutt 5km Parkrun, Porirua 5km Parkrun, Trentham 5km Parkrun, Kāpiti Coast 5km Parkrun.
  • Saturday 2.00pm, friendly club pack runs. Scottish Clubrooms, Prince of Wales Park. Followed by tea and bikkies, and then a trip to the pub for those who want.
  • Sunday long pack runs — usually, these leave 8.30am from outside Freyberg Pool and some alternative locations around Wellington. Contact our club captains Danielle and Ben for info, or check Facebook for details.
  • Sunday 9.30am, Masters Road Race, Olympic Harrier Clubrooms, Alex Moore Park, Bannister Avenue, Johnsonville



Congratulations to anyone who made it to start line of this event after all the weather disruption and amendments!

I found the results kind of tricky to follow, but as far as I can tell: Dougal Thorburn in 1:33:21 and Ali Campbell in 1:51:11, won the 21km race. Oliver Howitt 1:46:41, Fiona Hayvice 1:58:43, Spike Hayvice 1:58:43, Genevieve Coffey 2:00:55, Walter Somerville 2:05:38, Bex Hutchinson 2:09:23, Hayden Smith 2:10:57, Stephen Bass 2:11:51, Denis McCarthy 2:14:13, Lindsay Young 2:36:26, Emma Bassett 2:36:27, Chris Howard 2:36:27, Helen Bradford 2:42:00, Rachael Cunningham 2:51;27, Julian Matthew 2:56:20, Ray Manahan 2:56:28, Marketa Langova 2:59:31, Willie Stephens 3:00:53, Karen Jenkinson 3:02:10.

And, in the relay: Lucy Fauth and Ben Bielski were 2nd in 4:51:34, Dion Gamperle and Sam Ellison 5:01:52, Ben Twyman and Gemma Kennedy 5:08:20, Kasey MacKinnon and Emma Wharam 5:47:09, Amy Auld and Vladka Smith 6:02:29.

Wellington Cross Country Championships

These races were arid compared to WUU2K. Nevertheless people still managed to find a little bit of mud and puddles to play in. Harry McLean won a big sprint finish to nip into the top ten finishers. Kristian Day and Ruby Muir had a big turn around in after Dorne Cup. Sophie Whelan ran an impressive race. Hiro Tanimoto won his first masters title. Naomi Richardson was second GU10 and Heather Walker won the W50 race. Brendon Thompson won the M50 race. Daniel Jones has won all 3 senior men’s races so far this year and will be looking for the clean sweep at Wellington Road Champs next month.

Coming up

Needle Relay, 14 August

The Needle Relay takes place around a central hub: the Wind Needle, situated on the corner of Cobham Drive and Evans Bay Parade. There are two laps: an out-and-back 5km north to Weka Bay; and an out-and-back 3km east past the main airport roundabout. 3 people in each team do the 5km lap each, and 2 people in each team do the 3km lap. Start contacting your captain now to be part of a team.

Details and maps

Wellington Road Running Champs, 21 August

The Wellington Road Champs is the last of the four big interclub races for the year. It is a great opportunity to run a fast 5km or 10km time with a large pack of runners to pull you along. It is held in the Wainuiomata Recreation Area. The course is an out and back road race using a 1.25km stretch of road that is closed to public traffic. There is a hill on one side and a river on the other side. The course is largely sheltered from the wind. 

Details and results from last year’s races

Tanadees Cup and Arkwright Cup

The Tanadees and Arkwright Cups Race is an 8km handicapped race around the Evans Bay/Balaena Bay waterfront. We meet beforehand at the Kilbirnie Pool then the race starts from the Wind Needle in Kilbirnie. It is a good opportunity for a flat road race to sharpen up before the New Zealand Road Relays.

Victoria University of Wellington Athletics Club members joins us for this race to compete for their Sherwood Cup.


Register for NZ Road Relays trip to Akaroa

The subsidised price for NZ Road Relays trip is $140. That includes accommodation, rental van transport in Christchurch, race entry and dinner on Saturday night. That just leaves you to get yourself to Christchurch. There are cheaper rates for supporters, or those who do not need accommodation and/or Saturday night dinner. There will also be an option to purchase premium accommodation for some who want it. For more details contact Alistair Collow or John Gardiner.


Trail running movement workshop, 14 August

Rebecca Spiers is running a movement workshop at Bonobo Gym in Lyall Bay on Sat 14 August 10am-4pm.

If you want to pickup some tips that will help you jump over obstacles more easily on trail runs come along to this 1-day movement elements workshop. It’s over half full but a few spots available. Imagine you’re out tramping or trail running and need to jump over a stream, cross over a fallen tree, or traverse a slope too steep to walk upright. With origins in Parkour, MovNat helps you improve your agility for sports or daily life. It’s practical and applied fitness, with real-world applications, and playful!

You’ll come away with knowledge of how to incorporate the movement techniques into an existing fitness routine or daily life, and ways to progress further. You’ll have fun and also get a sweat on!

Book online. Even if you’re not into trail running you can still benefit from this workshop!


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