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6 week block

Special price: $60 for 6 weeks for Scottish club members

Do you have a running goal, have you entered an event, or do you run for fun and fitness?

If so, then you will benefit from adding some strength work into your week.

You already go to the gym, I hear you say. It is easy to go to generic gym classes but do you come away thinking that it actually helped and was building on what you need to run well? Or was it just a sweaty session? Or do you currently go to the gym floor and wander around spending time thinking about what exercises you should be doing that would actually be of benefit to you?

We all lead very busy lives and we don’t have time to waste on things that are not actually going to help us with our end goals. With running, I like to train smarter and not harder. I have a family and a job so I need to be efficient with my time and know that whatever extra stuff I do is going to help with my running goals.

So that’s why I have designed a 6 week block of classes that you can add to your running schedule (think about cross training!) that is tailored towards building strength in your running muscles and stabilization muscles. These muscles are so important as they help you maintain good form and posture when you get tired near the end of the run/race.

The details for the 6 week block are:

  • Monday 28 June, 11:30am-12:15am at Anderson Park Cricket Club Rooms (perfect for those who work in the CBD)
  • Wednesday 30 June, 6pm-6:45pm at Club K Gym on Salamanca Rd
  • Bring a mat, drink bottle or towel (spare mats are available at Cricket Club Rooms).

This class is for all fitness levels and abilities. So don’t think you are not fit enough, fast enough, good enough to come along. Everyone will benefit from this class!

Email Sierra Ryland to book.