On Friday 30 October Michael celebrates his 90th birthday – as many will know who signed the large card from Scottish and many other masters friends. The attached photo shows this being delivered by John Hines, Colin Maclachlan and Alan Stevens last Saturday – he was delighted, as were all his family gathered at their home.

Michael joined Scottish towards the late 1940s, together with his Eastbourne pal, Neil Dobbie and they battled each other for both club and centre junior titles. (Much like our later Eastbourne champions, Roger Wyatt and Grant Wheeler). He won the 1948 junior Dorne Cup and the Vosseler in 1949. He became a talented middle distance track athlete, renowned for his classical “English” style, winning the Wellington senior mile title in 1956. He then went to England on an art scholarship, which led to a life time as a successful professional artist.

After many years living overseas he and Jenny returned to Wellington in 1990 and he resumed his athletic career. Embracing the veterans movement he competed for many years, well into his mid-80s – resulting in the affectionate title of “Methuselah” – the biblical patriarch reputed to have lived for 969 years!!

So Michael, all your many friends salute you and wish you many more years of enjoyment.

By Alan Stevens