April Social Distance Running Challenge

The results of the #SocialDistanceRunning challenges for the end of April are here! And they’re not without controversy after Walter disqualified himself for running too many hills.

We had heat-mapping around neighbourhoods, foam rolling (every day by some!), more hills (which proved decisive in the final standings), and some great colouring competition entries.

In first place, on a staggering 19 points, and improving on his second place finish from last time, is Don Stevens who ran a staggering 8 PBs up local hills. In second, with 12 points, is Emma Sturmfels. And tied in third, with 11 points, are Bex Hutchinson, Sarah-Grace Breen and Paul Barwick.

Well done to everyone who took part. Hopefully you’ve already started planning for the next set of challenges.

We don’t have a complete set of the colouring competition entries yet, but we’ll share them soon.

Athletics NZ Virtual 5km

Scottish was third club overall at the Virtual 5km Champs, with 91 points. We finished well clear of Owairaka after a very strong last week of result-submitting from club members.

Our fastest team of Hiro Tanimoto, James Richardson, Ayesha Shafi and Sara Grace-Breen was also third, unfortunately bumped from first place to third in the last few days by Olympic and Hamilton Hawks. A great performance – only 20 seconds off first place!  

Picking up individual podium places were James Richardson, 2nd in M35 race with 15.27. Grant McLean, 2nd in the M50 with 16:34, and Michael Wray 3rd M50 with 17:35.

Full Results

Social Distance Running May

Our May Social Distance Running Challenge is brought to you by the number three.

Fortnightly Challenge

Run three loops of a triangle. Most Wellington street blocks are rectangle. Can you find a three-sided loop and run around it three times? Equilateral, isosceles, and scalene – they all earn your points this fortnight.

Monthly challenge

Do a Triathlon – go for a bike ride, swim and run all in one go. It is Wellington, it’s nearly winter and pools aren’t open so keep the swim safe – splashing your legs in the sea is enough. For authenticity make sure you report your run was longer than it was.

2-minute mission

Tricep dips. Don’t be all about the legs. Find yourself a chair and do some tricep dips.  Three? Or two minutes’ worth. Or three minutes? A photo of your subsequent tricep pose in the mirror won’t go astray if you’re looking for bonus points.

Just for fun

How many window bears can you find on a 30-minute run? The toddlers have lost interest in the bear hunting so it’s our turn now. Bonus points if the bear is Scottish. But be careful about looking too closely in random people’s windows!

Athletics NZ Virtual Ekiden

During May Athletics New Zealand is running the National Ekiden Virtual Relay Champs and Scottish has 31 teams entered! You can find details of all the Scottish teams and race details here. If you are in a team and want to contact the people in your team contact your club captains Danielle and Ben.

Each team needs to run 42.2km. Three people run a leg of 10km and one person runs 12.2km. Athletes upload their individual results (as many as you like in the month) and an individual’s top times are collated into your team’s times.

Keep in touch with the club: