A calm, sunny day and not that many cricket players made for great running conditions this morning at K Park. Thanks to our race officials John Turner, Ray Marten, Michael Wray and Sharon Wray for making sense of the chaos.

Fastest team on the day was the McLean Team (12) – finishing its 10 laps in a blazing 31.38. However the team members agreed before the start to take a special McLean Family handicap as well as their random handicap so were knocked out of the running for the shield.

The winning team, which completed its ten laps in a sharp 36.39 and was then allocated the lowest possible handicap, was Jamie White, Chan Kulathilake and Millar Buck (Team 11). I hear Millar is taking the shield to school next week – but probably not in his school bag?

Tom and the J Team also turned out and seemed to clock up about 7 laps around the park between them. And they were still full of running at the end.

TeamRunner 1Runner 2Runner 3Running timeHandicapTotal time
11Chan KulathilakeJamie WhiteMiller Buck36.39137.39
6Andy FordLucy FauthCatherine35.03439.03
4Matyas JamesJimmy ValentineJoseph Muollo37.28239.28
5Meg FaheyDani StevensBert Prendergast36.10440.10
9Michelle KnightKasey MackinnonKarl Jackson37.16340.16
16Dion GamperleJonathan EvansHerms Townsley35.29540.29
12Oliver McLeanGrant McLeanHarry McLean31.327+240.32
2Glen WallisMalcolm KerrRich Smith 34.42640.42
13Matt BrettNatasha PickupRichard Brett38.01341.01
7Bob StephensTodd StevensMel Stevens37.43441.43
10Helen WillisWillie StephensPeter Stevens38.23442.23
3Iain ShawTim JNicolas Vessiot38.53442.53
1Walter SomervilleDon StevensSarah Grace Breen36.54642.54
8Emily SolsbergJames RichardsonCarolyn Brett38.57644.57