Simon: Well Stephen, it’s been another enjoyable year here at On the Run.

Stephen: Yes, and a great year for the club in general.

Simon: Yes, and not just in terms of performances; it’s been a thrill to see so many new members come into the club.

Stephen: Yes, and also a thrill to have some new contributors at On the Run. Hearing from people like Daniel Jones, Kate Slater, and Niam Macdonald, telling us about their experiences of coming into the club, has shown how many good writers and good club members we have out there.

Simon: Yes, and it was great to get our legendary editor Grant McLean back on board for his article about club subcultures

Stephen: Yes, and also to see the ever-reliable Amanda Broughton break all our Facebook records with her story about coming back to running after pregnancy.

Simon: Yes, and I loved your articles Stephen. I now try to use the word “gloaming” at least once a day. 

Stephen: Yes, and the story you wrote about Anne Hare was one of the best pieces of sports journalism I have read this year.

Simon: Yes, and the Collingwood – West Coast Eagles grand final was another highlight that we have all barely stopped talking about on our Sunday runs.

Stephen: Yes, and… eh, what?

Simon: Yes, and we’ve also taken so much inspiration from the bravery and resolve of the Australian cricketers as they have bounced back from the ball-tampering crisis.

Stephen: Yes, and…you’re making this really difficult.

Simon: Yes, and it wasn’t at all difficult to read the absorbing stories told by our long-standing club heroes like Pam Graham and Paul Rodway

Stephen: Yes, and I’m sure there will more great running stories to share in 2019. 

Simon: Yes, and we’ll certainly be here to bring them to you.

Stephen: I think that went well.