News from the front

On the Run’s roving reporter attended the Wellington Scottish Annual General Meeting so you didn’t have to.

The biggest news at the 2018 Annual General Meeting was the election of newcomers Aria Tongs and Simon Keller to the management committee. Tongs, with a background in sports and events management, will bring a wealth of expertise to the committee. Keller, with his background in philosophy and being Australian, will – well, we are sure he will do something useful.

President Wray and most of his current cabinet were re-elected unopposed. Karen Jenkinson stepped down after a year of service.

Keller is now likely to be Sharon Wray’s lone ally in holding the pugnacious Wray to account. However Keller and his few remaining supporters were not able to be at the AGM itself, feeding rumours that Wray’s infamous loyalist M50 squad had prevented dissidents from attending.

Wray, having secured his hold on power, and with opposition to his regime at an all-time low, then used his pulpit to give a rabble-rousing speech. He highlighted a strong Wellington Scottish economy ($160,000 in reserves), a growing population (membership up to 242) and increased participation in running events.  

As short, bald leaders are wont to do, Wray then turned to foreign affairs. He lamented the club’s recent failures to win Top Club at the National Road Relays. He then promised to wage a massive campaign to restore Scottish to its rightful place on the world stage.

Wray has a large fighting chest and a belligerent population at his disposal. Neighbouring running clubs in the region will be watching nervously to see how Wray turns his bellicose words into action.

It is likely however that events are already in train and conflict cannot be averted. Neutral observers are predicting Wray and his forces will make their bid for national supremacy at the Akaroa Summit later this year. Until then, the Scottish cabinet is sure to remain nervous, fidgety, and braced for conflict.