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Christmas is a stressful time of year, and it can be difficult to find the time to buy the perfect Christmas present for the runner you love. But this year, we at On the Run have done the hard work for you. You’ll be sure to find just the right gift in our special 2017 Christmas catalogue.

Does the runner in your life live for National Road Relays? Make the experience last all year with this specially designed NRR-themed air freshener. Smell the delightful blend of citrus and sweat. Feel the familiar jelly in your belly. Make every car ride feel like lap 7 in the road relays van!

Where to buy? The Warehouse

Cost: $8.00

Does the runner in your life insist that they only missed a PB because the course was 17m long? Let them prove it, with their very own measuring wheel!

$64.88, from Bunnings.

Shopping on a budget? Looking for something to help your runner gain a few extra seconds in their next marathon? Buy them a pair of barefoot racing flats, road-tested by our own Harry Burnard.

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Where to buy: right here, if you like.

Cost: free.

Is the runner in your life a triathlete? You should definitely give them this thing.

What is it? We don’t know and they won’t know either. But they’ll love it.

Cost: A lot. That’s the point.

Shopping for a masters runner? They need only one product, and you can buy it for at Bunnings for only $9.98.

Does the runner you love already have everything? We know that finding them something special can seem impossible. But the answer is at hand. Buy them everything! But in yellow!

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Cost: all your money and all your good taste.

Want to add a Christmas touch to your runner’s next marathon? Doing so is easy with our special do-it-yourself-at-home solution. All you need is a white singlet, a bucket of sweat, and a late night raid to steal their nipple tape. Because everyone knows: red says Christmas!

Do you really, really love a runner? Prove it, by buying them the big one. The hottest runners’ item this year is the new shoe from Nike, which guarantees that you will run 4% faster and win your personal match race at the Night of Miles. The shoes are not presently available, but don’t let that stop you! Buy your runner the right to make an offer to register a bid to enter an auction to purchase a future edition of the Nike Vaporfly, which they can then swap on EBay, for a fee, for a pair in the correct size!

Cost? How can you place a value on a guaranteed PB? Let’s say $1000.

Where to buy? In person, from Stephen or Simon