On the Run speaks

On The Run takes our fourth estate responsibilities seriously.

With an election looming, the result hanging on a knife edge, and people trying to wind their way through fake news and unsubstantiated allegations, it is natural that New Zealanders will turn to the wisdom and guidance of their local running club’s online magazine.

Throughout our existence On The Run has maintained our independence, endorsing no candidates or parties that seek the highest office. We have used our independence to critique politicians from all sides of the house – speaking out for the amateur values of sportsmanship, athletics, and camaraderie.

However, this election the people of New Zealand face a choice with consequences too great for us to remain neutral and silent.

As we look around New Zealand today, we see a country divided. Divided between those who would keep New Zealand moving forward, and those who would let’s do this. Between those who are driven by fear of the Other, and those who presumably are the Other. Between those who want an espresso machine in the Wellington Scottish clubhouse, and those pathetic losers who resort to personal abuse.

On the Run is disappointed that after nine years of National government, New Zealanders still lack definitive proof that compression garments enhance performance. Yet neither are we seduced by the promise of a New Zealand in which we can swim in our rivers without getting wet.

We acknowledge the differences between New Zealanders and the preferences they entail. Voters in the city should vote on issues that affect cities. Voters in the country should vote on issues that affect the country. Voters in Karori should move.

What unites us, however, is stronger than what divides us, and in the coming election, On the Run urges all runners to vote with their feet. (We don’t mean that literally.)

In making our endorsement for the coming election, On the Run can think of only one man. A short man; a bald man; a champion. A man of presidential bearing; a man who has really awesome running shoes, including some with his name on them. Only that man’s wife has everything New Zealand needs in a leader today. We’re with her.