My name is: Nick Horspool.

I joined Scottish in: 2014.

I run because: I used to ride but running is much more time-efficient.

Best running moment: Winning Rotorua marathon and NZ Marathon Champs in May 2016

Worst running moment: That moment on any run when you need to go to the toilet and there are none!

Favourite run in Wellington: Would have to be the Hutt River Trail – 70km of uninterrupted off-road goodness. Although to add a close second is the recently built Te Whiti Riser which is a 4km flowing uphill uphill track at a very nice 5% gradient to the top of the Eastern Hills in the Hutt Valley.

The best thing about running with Wellington Scottish is: The camaraderie during races and the great training environment (e.g. Karori park sessions) with like-minded people.

When I’m not running I like to: Hang out with the family (partner Natalie and two kids, Carla and Jesse).

What distances do you like running or racing? Marathon is my favourite and best, but it’s nice to race shorter races which don’t require weeks of taper and recovery.

Who is your running idol? Hmm, don’t really have any idols, but have massive respect for all runners who push their limits.