My Name is: Geoff Ferry

I joined Scottish in: 2015

I run because: It allows me to eat more without being guilty. That said I enjoy that I’ve found something that I’m good at and allows me to challenge myself in many ways.

Best running moment: Placing second overall at the 2016 Tarawera trail marathon. After putting in all the hard work in training it was gratifying to be rewarded on race day. It’s a beautiful course too.

Worst running moment: Getting beaten by a guy pushing a pram at Lower Hutt parkrun.

Favourite run in Wellington: The Te Whiti Riser track up to the ridge line overlooking the Hutt Valley. A gentle gradient and great views of the Hutt valley and Wellington from the top.

The best thing about running with Wellington Scottish is: Getting to do all the club events satisfies my competitive side. It works out cheaper than entering heaps of commercial events if you want to race all the time, and with handicap races it doesn’t matter how fast you are.

When I’m not running I like to: Eat and watch TV or play computer games. i.e. Running counter balances my lazy nature J

What’s your Strava Profile: Follow Geoff Ferry’s Strava Runs

What distances do you like running or racing? 5 km up to marathon either road or trail.