Amanda, Emily, Jess and Stacy
Amanda, Emily, Jess and Stacy

My Name is:  Amanda Broughton

I joined Scottish in: 2013 after seeing Scottish runners cheering for each other at Round the Bays, I wanted someone to cheer for me!

I run because: I love to be outside, it’s a great way to explore, to relax, and to spend time with friends.

Best running moment: Running the Tassie Trail Fest in 2016, coming to the end of the night time run on the last day where I had just ticked over to 100km over two days. The finish line was inside a town hall with disco lights and a band playing and it was a real party atmosphere that you ran straight in to, and I won that race! I never thought I could complete an endurance event like that and I was amazed to finish, the finish line party was the icing on the cake.

Worst running moment: Getting a stress fracture and being told I couldn’t run for six months, it was terrible. The Scottish girls were all very supportive though and came to yoga and aqua jogging with me, that really pulled me through and now I am running again.

Favourite run in Wellington: Up and over Polhill trail, through car parts and down to the south coast through Te Kopahou Reserve. The landscape changes so much, and the views are unbeatable.

The best thing about running with Wellington Scottish is: Being around people who have been running for years, they all have great advice and they know the best trails in Wellington. When you live away from ‘home’ it’s great to have a community to belong to that supports you.

When I’m not running I like to: Drink coffee, visit art galleries, and write about running. Go and read my blog!

What distances do you like running or racing? I like half marathons, and the Waterfront 5km is a fun mid-week race that is making me enjoy the shorter distances.

Who is your Running Idol? My team mates are my idols! It makes me so happy to see them succeed, because I’ve seen first-hand the work it took them to get the results and the challenges they have overcome.