On the Run is a Scottish institution. Over the many decades of its existence, it has variously appeared as a record of race results, as a set of reports from the club’s section captains, and as a full-blown running magazine. In recent years, under the editorial direction of Grant McLean and then Michael Wray, On the Run has included an attractive mix of Wellington- and club-centric news alongside articles of broad interest, covering topics like diet, coaching, and injury-management, and giving helpful guides to cheating and race-burgling. It has been a cheaper, livelier, and more locally relevant version of Runners World.

Last year, however, On the Run went into a hiatus. Contributions dried up, and Michael moved on to the club presidency. So this year we – Simon and Stephen – decided that it is time for the publication to be reimagined. We developed a vision and pitched it to the club management committee, throwing around terms like “21st century”, “digital revolution”, “goal-directed”, “breathing”, and “familiar with some basic elements of Microsoft Office”. The committee didn’t say no, and so we find ourselves as the new editorial team.

In its new incarnation, On the Run will appear, at least initially, as a web publication. Over the next week, we will publish a series of new articles on the club website, with announcements and links to appear on the club Facebook page and in the weekly email to members. From then on, rather than publishing discrete issues, we aim to post a new article every two weeks or so. While the main outlet for On the Run will now be the club website, we will happily send hard copies of the articles to members who do not have easy internet access.

Our goals are to keep members informed of activities in the club, to nurture the club’s wonderful sense of community, to entertain, to make big mistakes followed by grovelling apologies, and to give all club members a creative outlet. The publication will be most effective and attractive if it features a large number of authors. If you have an idea for an article or a regular series, we would love to hear from you.

Here are some of the regular features you can expect from the new version of On the Run.

  • My best race (so far): Club members tell us about their most successful and memorable races, paying occasional tribute to the truth.
  • Banned on the run: Our most qualified and venerable officials answer questions about the rules of running, walking, field events, and fashion.
  • Keeping us on the run: We profile some of the club’s administrators and coaches.
  • Thinking on the run: An intellectual perspective on running – or as intellectual as you can get when you’re halfway through a long run and distracted by a blocked nostril.
  • On the other run: Insights into the histories and strengths of other New Zealand running clubs.

And with every further bad pun we can concoct, another column will appear.

The only thing runners love as much as running is talking about running. We hope that our version of On the Run will be a success. Give us your feedback and give us your articles, and let’s keep this thing running.

By Simon Keller and Stephen Day – Editors