Don Dalgliesh
Don Dalgliesh

Coaching philosophy is based around two basic maxims:

  1. The word is “training,” not “straining,” and
  2. Training is like getting a sun tan ie a little bit each day is better than a lot every three or four days.

“I coach because this is a way I can put back something into the sport that I have enjoyed so much, and I get my motivation from the pleasure and enjoyment my athletes get from achieving their goals. My methodology is a mixture of ideas, mainly from Arthur Lydiard, Ron Clarke and Roger Robinson, tested by practical application, but I am still learning and adapting from talking to athletes and coaches.”

Don was active at club level for more than 40 years and can claim a victory over Rod Dixon over 10 miles on the road! Don has coached many Athletics New Zealand and New Zealand Secondary Schools titleholders from 800 metres upwards, including several NZ representatives at World championship and several athletes who have obtained scholarships to American universities.

He has a BBS majoring in sports coaching and management from Massey University and a level 3 Middle Distance qualification from Athletics New Zealand.

He has a large squad, mainly college age, both male and female, from elite down to beginners, from any club, and also coaches by email for athletes outside Wellington.

Don believes that swimming and cycling form a valuable part of training, enabling athletes to maintain fitness while unable to run. Also, these extra forms of training give variety to an athlete’s training programme.