Wellington Scottish has just under 300 members. We come in all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. if you want to get out for a run regularly with a sociable group come and give us a try. Wellington Scottish runs almost always end with a cup of tea and chat afterwards, and many runs and events are followed by a dinner and some laughs as people share stories about adventures, running or otherwise.

The programme

Our regular programme has four main types of running. There should be something to suit everyone!

The club run

Most Saturdays have a sociable run (or walk) in a pack of people all of a similar standard (we send out up to 10 packs so there'll be someone you can run with!) These afternoon runs normally last around an hour, although turn back options can be arranged if that's a bit far to start with. We finish at the clubrooms with a cup of tea and a chance to catch up with the faster or slower folks. There's normally a group heading out to a local bar for a quick beer afterwards.

The scenic run

On the last Saturday of each month we venture further afield for a longer run. Again these are in packs of similar standards, but these runs are at 8am and are designed to see the local scenery, so could be up to two hours long. That extra workout means the post-run coffee / brunch at a local cafe is normally very welcome. Our events page will tell you where the next scenic run starts and finishes.

Club workout training

Faster training is much easier as a group. On Saturday mornings we get together as a club for a workout at Karori Park (on a sealed track). Led by one of our experienced coaches these workouts are suitable for all standards and are a great way to get the heart rate up!  Coffee / brunch to recover afterwards and swap notes on how it went.

Club racing

On the first Saturday of each month the club puts on a race for members. We run a regular 2-lap 10km flat race on the waterfront, with a 1-lap 5km option. Regular racing in a low-key friendly environment helps you see the fitness gains you are getting and keeps you motivated for those training runs. Other club races during the year include handicap races in Eastbourne (approx 5km) and Titahi Bay (approx 10km) for a bit of variety.

Away trips

Each year the club travels to the North Island Cross Country Championships in Taupo, and to the New Zealand Road Relay Championships, which moves to a different location each year. These trips are as much a social adventure and chance to go on tour with friends as they are about running. Runners of all abilities make the journey with the club to these events. In recent years over 100 club members have made the trip to road relays.