Traditional Year-end Zealandia Run - noon, 18 December 2015

Sixteenth time, meet in alley next to Treasury building

Event date: 18/12/2015 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Export event

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

From Paul Rodway: Pre-Christmas blowout.  Meet at the end of the alley between the Treasury Building and Alexander Turnbull Building from noon on Friday, 18 December.  We leave en masse at 12:15 heading up Bowen and Glenmore. Then we dive through the Karori tunnel, to Zealandia, pass St John's Pool, and head for Wright's Hill. Then up from the Glade (faultline) to the Wind Turbine, down the eastern side of the sanctuary, and back to the Treasury.

Ignore the distances and water stops on the map. We go around the fenceline anti-clockwise.

All up, it's about 15k with 700m of elevation gain. Slower runners (such as the organiser) could take 1h40 to knock this one off. All are welcome.


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