North Island Cross Country Championships (Taupo)

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths
A small contingent of Wellington Scottish made their way to Taupo for the annual Cross Country Championships on Saturday 2nd July, with a spectacular start to the day of -5 degrees and misty surrounds.

Wellington Athletic Harriers took home the club trophy.


B10: Matthew Wallis (4:31), G10: Maaike Day (4:21), Nynke Keizer (5:10)
B12: Jelle Keizer (10:35), Daniel Wallis (16:24) 
MU20: Harry Burnard (16:47)

In the Senior Men's race Tim Hodge was 4th (29:27) with Dougal Thorburn 5 seconds behind in 5th (29:32), Niam MacDonald 15th (32:21), Brendon Blacklaws made a rare appearance for 17th (32:40), Jamie White (32:52), Scott Ryland (40:37).

MM35-39: Ben Winder 2nd (20:53)
MM40-44: Stephen Day won by a length of the field for a record of 20:06, Paul Barwick 3rd in a PB of 22:02.
MM45-49: Michael Wray 1st (22:08)
MM50-54: David Kettles 3rd (22:32), Peter Stevens 4th (22:46), James Tuner 6th (23:39), Glen Wallis (28:30)
MM55-59: Phil Sadgrove (23:50)
MM60-64: Marshall Clark 7th (27:36)
MM65-69: John Skinnon 3rd (29:13), Paul Rodway 4th (30:17)

In the Senior Woman's Race Amanda Broughton was 7th in (19:47), Stacey Kennedy 12th (20:26), Angeline Penberthy 18th in a PB of 22:29. 

MW35-39: Jeltsje Keizer 2nd (23:56)
MW40-44: Lindsay Barwick 2nd in a PB of 21:21
MW50-54: Lyn Clark 5th (22:45), Sharon 11th (28:09)

Attached are this years results along with further results previously unavailable. 

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