McVilly Shield Relay

Houghton Valley's bush and hills

Event date: 14/04/2018 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Export event

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

Results from McVilly Shield Relay:

Eleven teams contested the shield this year.  The first team across the line was Team 8 (Nathaniel, Rachael Cunningham, Hamish Carson and Theodora). 40 seconds behind them was Team 7 (Harry Burnard, Marshall Clark, Bevan Cox and Quentin Keller). In third place, 2:02 behind the leading team was Team 2 (Michael Wray, Dougal Thorburn, Scott Ryland and Nynke Keizer).

However, each team was also assigned a random handicap.  Team 8's handicap was 3 minutes, Team 7's was 2 minutes and Team 2's was 1 minute. This meant that Team 7 were the winners, 20 seconds in front of Team 8, with Team 2 a further 2 seconds back.

Several teams suffered runners going off course, taking wrong turns in the bush. Apologies to those runners and teams for the course not being clearly enough marked and marshalled.    

Pre-race information:

The magnificent McVilly Shield is a club relay, mixing up people from all ages and grades into random teams. 

This is the first relay of the year and is a fun event open to everyone, club members and non-club members alike - so bring some friends. 

This year's course be the same as last year's short but hilly cross-country route.

Each team of four will need to complete three laps of 2.3 kilometres - this will consist of two people doing a full lap each and two people doing a half lap each (one uphill and one downhill).
Each lap will begin at the hammer throw circle at Sinclair Park. 
From there runners will proceed along rolling trails through the Buckley Road Bush for about half a kilometre before beginning a steep descent down through the bush to the Houghton Valley Playground. At the playground those doing half a lap will hand over to their next runner. Those doing a full lap will continue on. The second half of the lap climbs up through terraced grass fields to Houghton Valley School before turning left and climbing up a four wheel drive track back to the hammer throw circle.

See the course on Map My Run: 

We will organise the teams randomly and assign teams some unknown time handicaps, so being first across the line does not guarantee your team a victory!

We will gather before and after at the Houghton Valley Community Hall, which is about 200 metres down the Houghton Valley Road from the hammer throw circle. There are also playgrounds at both ends of Buckley Road Bush as well as a flying fox, bike track and the Southern Zone cross country course at the school for those who want to check them out.

Parking is available at Sinclair Park as well as on the roadside by the community hall.


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