McVilly Shield Club Relay, Macs Bar, Waterfront, 16 April 2016

Mixed running and walking teams, with a variety of laps up to 4k

Event date: 16/04/2016 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Export event

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

18 Teams lined up to compete in a 4 person relay covering 12k on the Wellington waterfront to compete for the McVilly Shield, which was first presented in 1922.

Teams were randomly selected and had to also contend with a lucky dip sealed handicap. All 4 laps started and finished in the same spot, which saw great support and cheering for all walkers and runners as they came through at the end of their laps. With everybody enjoying relay fever, it bodes well for a good turnout at the upcoming Shaw Baton and Varsity relays.

Probably for the first time in Scottish’s history, we had to move our changeover point 50 metres half way through the race, so that the producers of the new "Goodbye Pork Pie" movie could get a shot of the ferry leaving the harbour, in their filming. Hopefully, there may be a glimpse of the famous yellow singlet appearing in the film.

In the end “Hooper’s Heroes,” comprising Daniel Wallis, Daniel Hunt, Solomon Powell and Rowan Hooper were the narrow victors.

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