Belmont Scenic Training Run, 26 July, 8am

Visit Korokoro Stream, bush trails along the ridge track and the Belmont Trig

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John Howell reports:  We had a group of eight, five in the fast pack and three in the slow.  Fine clear weather, no trouble in navigation, going to the dam first, then grinding up the new track. Going up the new track meant walking in some places.  A very pleasant run, followed by the café breakfast – good choice.


The next “Scenic Saturday Training Run” is on 26 July, meeting at 8am at the information sign about almost 3k down Stratton Street from the St Aidan’s Church corner (see map attached below).  The park sign is just past the turnoff to the Belmont Trig. Go down Stratton St for almost 1k.  The road then turns left. Keep going for about 2k after that point.  


Yes, it’s the day before the second of the Three Peaks events, but that shouldn’t deter the truly keen.  Why not give it a try and perhaps discover parts of Wellington you didn't know about?

The plan is to set off up the track to the Trig and then cut down the track to the Korokoro Stream (when John Howell and I did it last Saturday the trail was boggy in parts - take some shoes with good traction). Then we'll climb past Baked Beans Bend, up the Ridge Track (Puke Ariki Traverse) and over a new trail that is still being developed. The high point is the Belmont Trig (456m - on a clear day you can apparently see forever - we saw about 50m into the clouds) and then we descend to the cars on a four-wheel drive track.  The trail is largely sheltered, but wearing a woollen hat, a polyprop, and trail shoes is a good idea.

Saturday's test run (described above) covered just over 10k, in about 1h45 and with 630m of ascent.  I'll have maps available with options for longer runs for those fleeter of foot. 

How to get there:  Turn off State Highway 2 onto Dowse Drive and drive 3k. Turn onto Miromiro Road and then Stratton Street and drive 3k to the entrance of Belmont Regional Park.


For those interested in socialising afterwards over a cup of coffee, or brunch, we’ll pop down to Caffiend at 233 Jackson Street, Petone (again, see the map attached below).

Scenic Saturday Training Runs
We are trying to get Scottish members interested in running off-road in the hills throughout the area for 90-120 minutes one Saturday morning each month as a complement to the afternoon hourly runs from the clubhouse.  This "scenic" stuff is something a group of us have been doing for many years. They are intended as longer runs and a way to explore more of Wellington’s treasured surroundings.  So far this season we have covered 1) Ngaio, Otari Bush, the Skyline and Bells Track and 2) Olympic Clubhouse, through to Kaukau, Bells Track and back to Jville. Later runs might include Eastbourne and Butterfly Creek, the tops of the Miramar Peninsula, the South Coast and Long Gully, Colonial Knob to Kaukau and Ngaio.

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