The State of the Scottishes

Sub-groups and sub-cultures within the club

There is the club, and there are the clubs within the club. In our latest article on the state of the Scottish, club legend Grant McLean draws... Read More

My greatest race so far - Paul Rodway

The Heaphy Great Walk from Karamea to Golden Bay

My story of a memorable race might feature variety, a group experience, and make no mention of medals or records. One event along these lines that... Read More

A sense of belonging - James Turner

The State of the Scottish

James Turner is an accomplished runner and triathlete, a great clubman, and captain of the Scottish Men’s 50s. In his article on the State of the... Read More

How to return to running after having kids

Pregnancy and childbirth are a challenge

Pregnancy and childbirth are a challenge for anyone, runner or not. If you want to have any hope of retaining your fitness while adjusting to life... Read More

From WAHC to Scottish

Dan Jones - the State of the Scottish

In our latest article about the State of the Scottish, Daniel Jones tells us about his decision to join Scottish after moving to Wellington, and... Read More

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