Ayesha Shafi - The State of the Women’s Sections

A wise African once said: “If you want to run...

You may have seen us running around the streets of Wellington, boasting our yellow singlets at races of every description. If you’re curious about... Read More

Niam Macdonald - The State of the Scottish

Our latest article in “The State of the Scottish” is by Niam Macdonald: one of our very fastest runners, and soon to represent us at the World... Read More

Alasdair Saunders - club races

The State of the Scottish

Over the winter season, Scottish organises 8-10 races just for club members: see this year’s schedule here. In our latest instalment... Read More

Kate Slater - Why Scottish

The State of the Scottish

In the first instalment in our new series “The State of the Scottish”, Kate Slater talks about what draws people to the club and... Read More

The Gloaming

I've loved the word gloaming ever since I first heard it. It speaks of adventures in the nature of Captain Scott of the Antarctic. Read More

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