The story of Wellington Scottish (1915-2015)

Third limited reprint (due to popular demand)

Ever wondered why the club is named Scottish? What the story is behind the club’s oldest trophy the Ballantyne? How many Olympians and... Read More

Bernie's Pink Gloves

Going back to Rotorua Marathon one last time...

Support Bernie's family to raise money for Mary Potter Hospice. Read More

Jingoism at Scottish AGM

News from the front

On the Run's roving reporter attended the Wellington Scottish Annual General Meeting so you didn't have to. Read More

My Greatest Race (so far) - Bert Prendergast

Wellington's marathon monster

Stalwart club member Bert Prendergast is the first athlete On The Run has approached who offered up a marathon rather than a middle... Read More

2018 Calendar

A new season

The Scottish Calendar for our new season is out. You can find it in several places: on our website, as google calendar, in Api's weekly news emails... Read More

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