2pm: Ballantyne Memorial & Cole Land Walking Cups

St Mark's Church, Lower Hutt

Event date: 18/06/2016 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Export event

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

On Saturday 18th June, 48 club members turned out for the Ballantyne Memorial Cup running between McEwen and the Railway Bridge over the 2.6km, 5.2km or 7.8km course. 35 members competed in the 2.6-7.8km Course, with 13 J Teamers racing each other.

Karen Jenkinson and Paul Rodway respectively won against their handicaps followed closely by Stephen Day. Stephen Day was the fastest male in 26.30 and Angeline Penberthy was the fastest female in 34.47.

The 2016 Ballantyne Cup J.Team race results.
We had a good turn out again with 13 runners. This year the J Team had a modified course, staying on the same side of the river. This allowed us to have a new shorter 1km loop for our under 9s. The handicap cups (and chocolate eggs for U9) were awarded on the basis of improvement - mostly relative to the others, and effort. Because it was a new course, we could only make rough comparisons with other events. There was a strong consensus on our four handicap winners, which was nice!

Maaike has closed the gap on Scarlett. Last year at this event, she was two minutes behind Scarlett. By the Dorne cup last Saturday, she had whittled that down to 37secs. This time, the difference was 10 seconds. Fantastic progress, Maaike! Scarlett (last year’s cup winner) is a lot faster than she was last year so she was also a contender. Scarlett is consistently winning races. I expect to see both of you right up there at the Inter-Zone on Tuesday!
MacIntyre has shown a big improvement this season with his excellent school Zone result and at the Dorne Cup. We saw him focus and run a great race keeping up a great pace all the way. Well done, Mac! Jess is like Scarlett in that as she is already so fast, we can’t expect her to get a lot faster in just one race. But her time was very fast! Considering she was off school with a nasty strep. throat about a week ago, this was a great recovery and effort.
Nynke was also a contender. She ran hard with a fast and very close, exciting finish against Quentin. Hadlee went slightly too far as he almost missed his turn-around. However, the way he doggedly chased Jess to get back up there and to finish only a few seconds back was impressive!

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