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Runner Profile - Scarlett Anderson

Wellington Scottish Junior Member - Scarlett Anderson

My Name is: Scarlett Anderson

I joined Scottish in: 2014

I run because: I love it

Best running moment: Was achieving the goal I had set myself of getting into the PSW Inter Regional Cross Country team. I really wanted to own one of the team sweatshirts.

Worst running moment: I was really looking forward to the first race of the cross country season this year at Battle Hill, it has water, hills and jumps – my favourites. But a week before the race I fractured my arm at school and the doctor said I must not run. I was really, really disappointed.

Favourite run in Wellington: Running in the hills, I really like hills and through Otari Wilton bush and up onto the ridge line. The views are amazing.

The best thing about running with Wellington Scottish is:  Everyone is very encouraging and supportive. It’s pretty cool when older runners come up to you and say “good race Scarlett” or something like that. Because you really feel part of the Scottish team.

When I'm not running I like to: Read, write and swim and do rock climbing

What distances do you like running or racing? 2km – 5km so longer distances.

Who is your Running Idol? Melissa Moon, because she is good at running up hills and I LOVE running up hills and Hamish Carson, because he’s run in the Olympics and I would really like to run at the Olympics too. Also they both belong to Scottish and they say hi to you, which is really cool. In fact everyone at Scottish is really nice; everyone talks to everyone no matter how young you are.